I live in southern New Mexico, in the northern part of the Chihuahua desert about 1000 miles from the nearest ocean. There aren’t many fish in the desert. Understandably, the majority of the rather limited seafood supply here is frozen, and a lot of that is farm-raised to boot. All in all, it is not a very encouraging situation to put fish on the menu. Quite a difference with living oceanside with a fish market right around the corner But occasionally, I do give in to the temptation.

The local grocery store Peppers and Walmart both carry some frozen seafood. The choice in the Las Cruces, NM Sam's Club tends to be a bit more varied and better quality.

Luckily enough for me, there are also online suppliers for fresh and/or frozen seafood. The disadvantage of that is of course is having to buy in bulk and to pay extra shipping cost as well, which makes this a fairly costly venture. But sometimes that is the only way to get that fish to the New Mexico desert. So far I have purchased Alaskan sockeye & king salmon, Northern pike, lake & rainbow trout, smelt, perch and walleye through online orders. No shellfish yet.


For those items that I have enough listings for, I have maintained the same cooking method order as for meats.

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chapter 3.1. fish

  1. catfish

    1. oven-baked catfish fillet served with Spanish rice and sweet potatoes
  2. cod

  3. halibut

    1. oven-braised Italian halibut
    2. halibut & seafood stew
  4. eel

    1. paling in 't groen
    2. jellied eels
    3. smoked eels
  5. herring

    1. pickling herring at home
    2. herring in vinegar / wine sauce
    3. rolmops
    4. herring in cream sauce
    5. herring in mayonnaise
    6. salted herring
    7. maatjes
    8. pickled herring pizza
    9. soy bean sprouts soup with pickled herring
    10. kippers
  6. lake perch

    1. beer-battered lake perch
  7. lake trout

    1. lake trout baked in oil x2
    2. lake trout with bacon
  8. mackerel

    1. smoked mackerel
    2. canned mackerel sandwich
    3. mackerel & king salmon sandwich
  9. mahi mahi

    1. mahi mahi with broccoli stoemp
  10. mystery fish

    1. surimi fake crab
  11. Northern pike

  12. rainbow trout

  13. salmon

  14. sardines

    1. canned sardines
  15. shark

    1. seared shark steak
  16. smelt

    1. deep-fried smelt
  17. swordfish

    1. seared & braised swordfish
    2. swordfish with beef steak
    3. swordfish salad
  18. tilapia

    1. pan-fried tilapia
    2. tilapia in dill fish sauce
    3. tomatillo-smothered tilapia
    4. tilapia in tomato sauce
    5. ceviche de pescado
    6. cod, tilapia, sausages with rhubarb compote and creamed spinach
  19. tuna

    1. tuna steak x3
    2. tuna with shrimp
    3. canned tuna
    4. tuna salad
    5. tuna-salad stuffed tomatoes
  20. walleye

    1. pan-fried walleye
    2. oven-baked walleye
    3. walleye in parsleyed butter sauce

Chapter 3.2. shellfish

  • Chapter 3.3. mixed seafood

    Chapter 3.4. Surf & Turf

    1. king salmon with pork steak
    2. seared & braised swordfish
    3. swordfish with beef steak
    4. escargot sauce over London broil steak
    5. bacon-wrapped shrimp & lamb skewers
    6. shrimp & beef heart stew
    7. shrimp & chicken casserole with spinach, bell peppers, poblano peppers
    8. spicy shrimp & beef stew
    9. shrimp & pork casserole
    10. king salmon & beef tongue tacos with rhubarb
    11. cod, tilapia & sausages with rhubarb and spinach

    Chapter 3.5. Snails