Dungeness crab

2019-05-12 a.o.

Early 2019 in Las Cruces, NM, Sam's Club started selling these fully cooked and frozen at a very reasonable price (2019: $8.50/lb. whole, $10/lb. for oversized legs and claws) which is much less than any online supplier will sell them for.

The amount of crab meat is about 1/4 of the weight of the whole crab, and closer to half for the legs. Dungeness crab tastes sweeter than snow or king crab, but it doesn't look nearly as nice.

I served this with scalloped potatoes and tartare sauce.

steaming Dungeness crab

2019-05-12 a.o.

I prefer steaming dungeness for a dryer meat with better flavor.

I tried boiling one once (cioppino) and didn't much like that because the meat was all soggy, watered down and didn't have much flavor at all left in it.


This is what you need per serving:

  • 1 whole crab per person

Pic1: Dungeness crab




Pic2: clean it
Pic3: steam it
Pic4: serve it

b. dungeness crab salad

Dungeness crabs are just about the right size for a nice meal for one person without leftovers. But I have occasionally prepared several extra just for this purpose.



Pic5-7: the crab from yesterday's cioppino


Pic8-10: preparing crab salad


Pic11-13: crab salad croissant