Mackerel is a smaller predatory fish with high oil content.  I have not been able to find it fresh or frozen in this desert area.

a. whole smoked mackerel

Some stores in Las Cruces, the bigger city 60 miles East of Deming, may occasionally carry smoked mackerel, but I have not been able to find any when I was there. These are memories from Belgium.



Pic1: cold-smoked mackerel
Pic3: hot-smoked


b. canned mackerel sandwich

Directly out of the can, with mayo.


This is what you need for each serving:

  •  canned mackerel
  • toast
  • mayo
Pic4: canned mackerel sandwich




Pic5: canned mackerel
Pic6: toast, mayo
Pic7: with mackerel

c. mackerel & king salmon sandwich

The leftovers of the above can, combined with leftover king salmon.

I usually prepare these spreads in the afternoon for a small evening snack, but I'll happily eat it in the morning too if there is any left over by then.



Pic8: canned mackerel
Pic9: king salmon
Pic10: mix


Pic11-13: mackerel & king salmon sandwich