The keto Diet

Keto made simple:

By combining those two simple rules, you already get a low-carb diet that may help to control type-2 diabetes on condition that your pancreas isn't completely shot just yet and still can be revived into functionality.

KETO requires a little bit more finesse.

For simple keto:

Cook just like you used to, but ditch the potatoes or rice that you would have served with it.
For the majority of your meals, that will get you pretty close already.

The following pictures were taken by my sister Jo during a 2-week period. She effortlessly makes these plates look simple and delicious. Most of these meals are OMAD (One Meal A Day) which does not mean she doesn't eat anything else all day long, but that she can reach her macro targets of protein, carbs and fat in that one meal.

Pic1: smoked mackerel, cooked spinach, tea
Pic9: sour herring, shrimp, veggies
Pic10: shrimp, radishes, avocado


Pic2: cod, Belgian endive, carrots
Pic3: salmon, lettuce, tartare sauce
Pic4: mussel soup with cream


Pic5: sausages, broccoli
Pic6: steak with peppered cream sauce, Brussels sprouts
Pic7: lamb, ratatouille

recipe page links

I have divided keto-recipes in the same chapters as in the 'classic' recipes.
The links here will be duplicated in the 'classic' link pages, preceded by the word "keto:"

One does have to recognize however that many of the 'classic' recipes may already be keto-clean, or can be made keto-clean with some small adjustments. Just remember the basic rules: Meat, seafood, eggs and most vegetables and fruits are 'IN', carbs are 'OUT'.

Keep in mind that at micro-level every cell in all living organisms contain fats, proteins and sugars. What matters is the macro level. It may be impossible to go truly zero-carb on a natural foods diet, but one can limit the sugars. Generally, 20 grams of daily sugar intake is low enough to generate a low-grade ketosis which is sufficient for weight-loss purposes.

Chapter 8.1. keto soups

Whether a soup is keto-clean depends on what you put in it.
Keto-clean ingredients will get you a keto-clean soup. Because the ingredients are 'diluted' in a large volume of liquid, some otherwise avoidable ingredients may be more acceptable for soups.

Chapter 8.2. keto meats
Chapter 8.3. keto seafood

Meats and seafood by themselves are keto-clean.
Cured and processed meats and seafood may not be, depending on all the chemical crap they've put in it.

Chapter 8.4. keto eggs

Eggs are keto-clean and very popular. Again, add clean ingredients to have a clean keto dish.

Chapter 8.5. keto sauces

Sauces are often the big bogeyman for the beginning keto-dieter. Yet, they don't have to be.


Chapter 8.6. keto fruits & vegetables

Most fruits and vegetables are OK. Sweet fruits may be OK in small quantities. Starchy vegetables like potatoes, yams and beans will likely be questionable, with some exceptions.


Chapter 8.7. Little keto things

Forget about bread, cookies, milk, ice cream, pizza and pasta. Luckily, there are alternatives available for all those things.