northern pike in oyster juice


This soup is very similar to the Mussel Soup with Vegetables recipe. The vegetables are nearly the same; the base however is Raw Oyster Juice, not mussel broth. They are somewhat similar, yet quite distinct in flavor. I like the shellfish flavor quite strong.

Northern Pike is a very lean fish that gets chewy when overcooked. To make sure that doesn’t happen, remove the soup from the heat before adding the fish. The frozen fish will fully cook in 15-20 minutes without any additional heat. The result is a delicious firm and flaky fish.

Food safety reminder:
Raw oyster juice should be cooked before consumption.


This is what you need for 3 servings:

  • 3 Northern pike steaks, frozen
  • 1 pt. raw oyster juice
  • 1 lb. Normandy vegetable mix
  • S&P


  • optional
    • ¼ lb. Brussels sprouts
    • ½ lb. peas & carrots
Pic1: northern pike in oyster juice