fake crab

various dates

Fake crab is the Spam of the seafood world:

I have absolutely nothing good to say about it. I've tried eating it 'raw,' boiled and pan-fried and each time it was just as disastrous. If the manufacturers think that giving it a fancy name like 'surimi' makes it more acceptable, they are dead wrong. 

Seafood mixtures used to be free of spam. Nowadays even the best seem to be 30-50% of that stuff. I sort it out, pan-fry it and feed it to my dog. She seems to like it well enough, but that is hardly a quality reference. She hardly ever refuses anything I give her.

The only time I like eating this is at the Golden Corral cold buffet where it is mixed with celery, mayo and a few other undetermined items. I'm not sure if that is a different product, because the ones I buy certainly do not taste like that.

raw, pan-fried: disgusting

Pic1: fake crab
Pic2: pan-fry
Pic3: served

boiled: even more disgusting

Pic2: crab stock
Pic3: simmer
Pic4: serve