oysters in cream pepper sauce


To cook them or not to cook them? That is the question.

You can cook them, but should you? Raw oyster lovers may be horrified at the idea of cooking them. Others are just at horrified at the prospect of eating that cold slimy slug-like thing out of the shell.

One thing is sure: cooked oyster is very different from raw oyster, both in flavor and in texture. Oysters shrink considerably during cooking and if cooked too long or too hot, they will become rubbery tough. Keep that heat low and take your time. And be careful: oysters are very fragile. They have more visual appeal if you can still recognize an oyster body in what you eat.


This is what you need per serving:

  • ½ dz. large shucked oysters
  • S&P
  • 1 tbsp. heavy cream
Pic1: oysters in cream pepper sauce



Pic2: simmering 1 minute
Pic3: simmering 2 minutes
Pic4: served