canned sardines

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Sardines are tiny migrating fish that live in huge shoals. They are available canned only here. I probably could buy them fresh or frozen online, but why bother?

Sardines in oil are too ... oily to my liking. I only ever buy them in tomato or mustard sauce to have something in stock for those desperate times that I really can't think of anything better to prepare. ;-)

All pictures on this page were borrowed from the internet.


Pic1: sardines in tomato sauce
Pic2: sardines in mustard sauce


Pic3: right out of the can — been there, done that
Pic4: in oil, mashed on bread — been there, done that
Pic5: in tomato sauce on bread — did that too


Pic6: with fresh tomatoes
Pic7: sardines & bread salad
Pic8: with avocado