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October 17, 2017

I have started publishing My Cookbook to this website, all the recipes I have posted on Facebook—and many I haven't—since 2013. 

So far I have all soup, meat and seafood recipes uploaded.  Eggs, sauces, vegetables, little things and more to follow. The rest will follow as soon as I can manage it.  I am writing / converting new pages every day. Each time that I update, new recipe page links will become available on the main category pages. 

This new part is coded in HTML5 with screen-size responsive pages. Hopefully this standard will survive a few years longer than I need to finish this project. 

To go to My Cookbook, follow THIS LINK

March 10, 2019

So much has changed since I started this website.
It turned out that with the advent of HTML5, my 2009 attempt at upgrading the website from Frontpage to Expression Web4 was doomed before it even started. Now ten years later, the new browsers no longer support the windows mediaplayer that I inherited from Frontpage, and as a result none of the MIDI files are playing anymore. Many of the YouTube video links have also disappeared. 

I have given up for now on trying to update this website, so what you see is what you get and that will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. 

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    1280px / 1640px it is.
  5. This is a website about Ave Maria songs = music!
    We want to let you hear and see the songs performed. (MIDI, MP3, video)
    Most pages in this website have mediaplayers, and they are set to start playing when you open the page!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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This website wants to be the ultimate internet resource for Ave Maria songs.
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On January 27, 2013, there were
  •    1531 Ave Maria MIDI files;
  •    2856 Ave Maria work-pages;
  • > 4000 Ave Maria listings in this website.
    (and even more than that now!)
I hope you enjoy the fruit of my labor. Enjoy. Smiley-face
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