Raw oysters

2016-08-14 a.o.

The only oysters I can get on a regular basis here in Deming, NM are shucked Willapoint oysters and canned oysters. I've never had any motivation to try the canned ones. I occasionally buy the Willapoint oysters when I get a craving for them. At the least, those keep me from going so crazy that I'd have live oysters overnighted.

All raw oysters come with the official warning that eating raw shellfish can kill you, but they hope very much you'll ignore that warning. A few safety tips beforehand:

  1. Keep the container refrigerated at all times.
    Do not buy if you won't be able to get it back to refrigeration before it warms up.
  2. Do not by the jar if:
    • It is past expiration date, even if it looks good. Oysters do have a very limited shelf life.
    • The lid is bulging, even if it is not past expiration date. That means it was not refrigerated at all times as it should have been, or maybe they put a bad oyster in there.
    • The container is leaking or in any way damaged.

I always rinse shucked oysters before I eat them. This is not so much for food safety reasons, as to get a wonderful seafood stock that is similar to, yet also very distinct from mussel juice.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 1 pt. shucked oysters (= 6-12 oysters)
  • 3 limes
  • S&P
Pic1: shucked Willapoint oysters



Pic2: Willapoint oysters
Pic3: rinsing cycle
Pic4: lime juice & pepper