steamed king crab legs

2016-01-06 a.o.

These ‘super colossal’ king crab legs are definitely something special. HUGE, full of delicious sweet meat. I weighed the empty shells afterwards: 7.1 oz. out of 2.1 lbs. = ¾ of the package weight is pure crab meat. No other crab gets even close to that.

Those large king crab are easy to handle. The legs are pre-scoured. The shell is fairly soft and folds open without any effort. I de-shelled those monster legs in less than 3 minutes. And the meat is moist and delicious.

Not cheap though @ Sam’s Club $24/lb. in 2019. But consider this: Snow crab @ $12/ lb. has less than 20% meat, and you may have to spend an hour to worry it out of those thin straw legs. While it may be OK doing that once in a while, the result still is very little meat for you cost and effort. Looking at price per pond of meat weight, king crab is the clear winner.


This is what you need for 2-3 servings:

  • 1.5-2 lbs. colossal king crab

optional sauce:

  • ½ stick butter
  • 1 lime
  • parsley, preferably fresh


Pic1: 'super colossal' king crab



Pic2: steam basket — 2017-11-04
Pic3: served — 2019-05-26
Pic4: without the shell — 2019-05-26


Pic5: with parsleyed butter sauce — 2016-01-06
Pic6: parsleyed butter sauce — 2019-05-26
Pic7: the sauce separates after a while — 2019-05-26


Pic8: left: parsleyed butter with red chile powder; right: 3-cheese fondue — 2016-11-06
Pic9: king crab meat — 2016-01-06
Pic10: king crab sandwich — 2016-01-07


Pic11-13:  steaming king crab legs