oven-baked whole trout

2018-07-31 a.o.

I occasionally buy frozen whole rainbow trout at Peppers here in Deming, NM. Store-bought rainbow trout is usually farmed, and has grayish flesh instead of reddish like wild-caught trout. Fresh-caught trout is richer in flavor, but this is enjoyable too.

I’ve kept this very simple, just bake / roast at 350 ºF in the oven with some salt, no frills at all.

I didn't spray the 1st ones with olive oil and they lost a lot of skin in the oven before they made it to my plate. Not as nice for presentation, but since I don't eat the skin anyways, that didn't matter too much.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 trout, thawed
  • parsley / cilantro
  • S&P, seasoning
  • 2 limes, halved
Pic1: halfway gone already...



Pic2: bake
Pic3: all done
Pic4: served

Another day, 2 more trout


These trout lost their heads and tails before they made it to the oven. People who don't like to see that fish staring at them find that more comfortable.


Pic5: before cooking
Pic6: nicely done
Pic7: served


Pic8: peel the skin
Pic9: eat the top half
Pic10: pull spine and bones, eat the other half