Also when the world and I were younger.

As a kid I used to go along the seashore and on the sea breakers to harvest these and then cook them at home. The puddles on and near the sea breakers were a treasure trove of sea life for a kid: seaweed, barnacles, various snails, mussels, anemones, tiny crabs, sea stars and occasionally even a tiny fish.


This is what you need for each serving:

  • ½ to 1 lb. periwinkles
Pic1: periwinkles



Pic2: simmer briefly
Pic3: drain
Pic4: serve


Pic5: dig in
Pic6: remove the body
Pic7: don't stare, eat it

B. periwinkle recipes on the internet

all pictures on this page borrowed from the internet

Periwinkles are most often served in the shell.


Pic8: periwinkle pork soup
Pic9: fried periwinkle with satay


Pic10: spicy periwinkles with seaweed
Pic11: coconut curry periwinkles


Pic12: periwinkles with lemongrass and lime
Pic13: poached oysters and periwinkles