The little things - Introduction

This is a category for those little things that don't fit very well in the previous six. These are also things that I don't do very often, or they would have received their own category.


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Chapter 7.1 baking

I've dabbled with it, but it is not my thing. A lot of it is too sweet for me, but usually, it's too much work with not enough to show for it that keeps me from trying very hard.

Chapter 7.2. dairy products = milk, yoghurt, cheese etc.

Chapter 7.3. desserts

I do have a sweet tooth for sure, but desserts aren't my thing. I already have enough trouble holding back on the main meal, that I don't need to pile on the sweet calories too.

Chapter 7.4. drinks

Very few that are worth mentioning. Our main drinking supply comes from our well.

Chapter 7.5. noodles & pasta

Pasta does not deserve to get its own category with me. Pasta is the same thing over and over again, regardless of the shape, color or name they give it. The sauces are what make pasta worth mentioning, and those are listed in PART 5 - SAUCES.

rice noodles

  1. basic rice noodles
  2. rice noodles with brie cheese
  3. rice noodles in chicken soup
  4. rice noodles in paprika soup
  5. rice noodles in mixed vegetable beef soup (mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes)
  6. rice noodles with mixed vegetables (onions, bell peppers, peas, carrots, corn, beans)
  7. rice noodles with clamato
  8. rice noodles with mixed vegetables (peas, beans, tomatoes) and cream

wheat pasta

Chapter 7.6. snacks

Those little bites in between.
Diabetics need them, and need them not to be overloaded on sugar.