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Whelks are cool-water carnivorous snails. Conches are tropical plant-eating snails that look similar to whelks. Whelks , conches and abalone-like snails are available fresh and canned through online order. They are often used in Asian recipes.

A. boiling live whelks

When the world was young, and I too.

I've collected and cooked whelks and periwinkles as a kid, when we were living on the dike at the Northsea in Ostend, Belgium.


This is what you need for each serving:

  • 5-10 large whelks
Pic1: eating whelk



Pic2: boiling whelks
Pic3: fish market
Pic4: at home


Pic5: stick a fork through it
Pic6: pull gently
Pic7: ready for a feast

Whelk recipes on the internet

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Pic8: whelk chicken soup
Pic9: spicy whelk over noodles


Pic10: whelk and squid Bourguignon
Pic11: turmeric mustard whelk (green curry)


Pic11: Korean whelk salad
Pic12: Mexican ceviche whelk salad