cornbread pineapple cake


I had just cut up a fresh pineapple and wanted to do something more with it than just eat it 'as is.'

My mother used to make layered pineapple cakes similar to Pic1a. I gave it a quick try after we'd already finished lunch, and to be honest I made this without sufficient preparation. I used the cornbread loaves I had in the fridge instead of cake and the edges were a bit too dark.

The biggest difference between the 2 pictures is my lack of experience at working with whipped cream. The result may not have looked as perfect, but the flavor was all there!  Here's to knowing we can and will do better another day, when we ake the time to do it right!


dream vs. reality

Pic1a: the beautiful internet dream
Pic1b: the sad reality


This is what you need:



Pic2: fresh pineapple
Pic3: crème fraîche
Pic4:  cornbread


Pic5-7: build the cake


Pic8-10: finishing up