Batter & breading

I don't use batter and breading very often. I don't like it that much.
After serving, I often remove the breading or batter to reduce fat and calorie content.

a. breading

Breading is a dry mix of flour and spices, sometimes enhanced by dragging the food item through egg whites before the breading to increase stickiness. I have found the easiest way to apply breading is to place food and breading in a ziploc bag and shake to make it stick. (Pic8)


2020-06-17 - plain breading with all-purpose flour

Pic1-3: Spanish-frying breaded Dover sole


2020-07-10 - spicy breading

Pic4-6: breaded flounder

2020-06-14 — very spicy breading

Pic7: mahi-mahi
Pic8: in fish fry breading mix
Pic9: Spanish-frying


2020-08-21 — okra

Pic10-12: deep-fried breaded okra

2020-08-21 — zucchinis

Pic13-15: deep-fried breaded zucchinis


2019-09-24 — store-bought

Pic16: breaded shrimp
Pic17: 1st pass
Pic18: 2nd pass

2019-09-24 — store-bought

Pic19: coconut-breaded shrimp
Pic20: all done
Pic21: breaded shrimp and clam strips


Pic22: stovetop deep-frying
Pic23: stew zucchinis
Pic24: served


b. batter

Batter is a semi-pourable mixture of flour and liquid, optionally enriched with eggs and/or spices.
Yeast or baking soda makes the batter fluff up when fried.

The problem with store-bought battered food is that most of them are all batter with very little food inside. Batter is a lot cheaper than fish, so that's what they'll give you.


2020-09-02 - making a batter

Pic25-27: batter with egg, orange juice, flour, spices, baking soda


2020-09-02 - battered zucchinis

Pic28-30: deep-frying battered zucchinis

2016-09-24 — store-bought

Pic31: beer-battered frozen perch
Pic32: deep-fry
Pic33: with fries


2020-02-28 — Sam's Club cod fillets

Pic34-36: the best store-bought battered fish I have found so far, a nice piece of fish, very thin batter

2020-01-01 — another brand:

Pic37-39: a much thicker batter layer here with less fish

2019-11-03 - again another brand:

Pic40-42: batter is too thick, prevents the fish from cooking properly inside.