a. growing summer squash at home


Summer squashes / zucchinis are easy to grow and they do well in the desert summer heat as long as they are watered generously. They are abundant producers, a few plants were more than we could handle with only two for dinner.

I have not bothered with winter squashes. They grow more like melons, vining along the ground instead of growing bushy like the zucchinis.



Pic2: 2017-05-07 — zucchini seedlings in pots
Pic3: 2017-05-26 — planted
Pic4: 2017-07-06 — summer squashes are large plants


Pic5: 2013-07-16 — large squash plant
Pic6: squash flower with pollinator flies
Pic7: a growing zucchini


Pic8: yellow straightneck zucchini, Japanese eggplant
Pic9: 'black beauty' green zucchini
Pi10: squash bugs on a grey zucchini


b. zucchinis in the kitchen

Most of my zucchini harvest ends up in soups or stews. My favorite is the grey aka Mexican zucchini, but I like the yellow and green ones too. 


It is possible to eat young zucchini squash raw, but I have never tried it.



This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2-4 small zucchinis
    or 1 large one
Pic1: 2017-07-20 — summer harvest


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c. winter squash in the kitchen

I've never grown winter squash in my garden, but I occasionally do buy one in the store. I've cooked acorn,  butternut and spaghetti squash, and of course pumpkins too. Most of them end up as soup, a very few as side dish. I don't bother with pumpkin pie.

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