Purple Pig Soup #1


No, the pig wasn’t really purple, but I thought the title was a nice Dr. Seuss-style attention grabber. I mixed green chile with red curry (*) and when you mix green with red you’re supposed to get purple, aren’t you? In reality, the broth is a rather dark reddish-brown color and the curry colors the fat that floats on top bright red. It doesn’t show very well in the flash pictures, but that combination does create a hint of purple.

This is one of the very rare recipes where I boil pork meat and that always results in a delicious stock. The combination of green chile and curry is another one of my culinary experiments that turned out great. Beware: green chile and red hot curry = spicy soup!


This is what you need for # servings:

  • 1.5 lbs of pork neck bones
  • 1 lbs green garden beans
  • 1 lb Normandy vegetable mix
  • ½ lb green chile
  • 1 pck red curry paste
  • S&P


  • knorr vegetable dip mix
  • knorr spring vegetable mix
  • bouillon concentrate
Pic1: purple pig soup with crackers



Pic2: green chile
Pic3: red curry
Pic4: green beans


Pic5: simmer the pork until tender
Pic6: cooked
Pic7: add the vegetables


Pic8: serve as a meal
Pic9: or as a stew
Pic10: or as a soup