Italian sausages

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In the US of A, Italian sausage most often refers to a pork sausage that has been seasoned with fennel as the primary seasoning. I cannot honestly say that I have ever tasted fennel, possibly my taste buds have been muted by the fennel I have grown in my backyard for years.

Regardless, mild Italian is my favorite sausage variety. I never boil these sausages.

a. Italian sausages, cooked whole

To prick or not to prick, that is the question.

Some people like to prick their sausages before or during cooking to release the melting fat from the casing This is done to avoid it squirting out after serving and possibly injuring someone with that hot fat. Other people are against doing that. They claim the sausage is juicier and more flavorful without the pricking.

What do you think of it?


2019-06-23: cooked separately

Pic1-3: Italian sausage and Cajun boudin blanc, vegetables cooked separately.

2019-07-13: with mixed vegetables and potato flakes

Pic4-6: a stew after initial pan-frying

2019-09-09: with zucchinis

Pic7-9:  a stew after initial pan-frying

b. Italian sausages, cooked halved

Cutting the sausages lengthwise after about 10 minutes can reduce the remaining cooking time by half. I don't do it every time, only when I can't bring up the patience to wait for it. After cutting the sausages, fry them with the open side down to get extra browning points.


2015-11-10: with potatoes and papaya spinach

Pic10: still whole
Pic11: halved
Pic12: served

2017-10-16: with potatoes, peas & carrots

Pic13-15: served

2019-10-10: with raw endive salad

Pic16: this is about when I cut them
Pic17: fry open side down
Pic18: served