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Songs of Sharon


Sharon Rutherford 

º 07-28-1955                 † 07-12-2002


Songs of Praise are a gift from God through and for His People. 
They should be sung forever to the Glory of the Lord, not buried with whomever wrote/received them. 

Sharon Rutherford wrote more than 50 songs/poems. Many are little treasures of beauty. While some of her songs give us a glimpse of the struggles and pain in her life, what her songs really speak of is Sharon’s very personal relation with God. 
Not very many people ever come to such a deep understanding of God’s infinite grace and acceptance. Only a few of those also have the gifts of poetry and music to express that miracle in such a way that through them it can touch other people’s hearts. 

Sharon's true legacy is not in things material but in her treasury of songs. These are the Songs of Sharon
Raise your voice in song to praise the Lord. May the Good News be told again and again. 

Text + music by Sharon Rutherford
(21 songs)

No music (guitar  chords available)
(27 songs)
Songs of Sharon,
with MUSIC by other composers
(8 songs)


If you want a PDF of any of these songs, email me infoemail meavemariasongs.org


1. MIDI will only sound as good as your soundcard and speakers can make it. 
If the song on this page (Study in C by Fernando Sor, notated by Fred Nachbauer) doesn't sound anything like a real guitar should, do not blame me, but look at upgrading your soundcard and/ or speakers instead. If this guitar doesn't sound good, those on the following pages probably won't either. 

2. to musician-visitors: These files are my first and very experimental steps into the world of music. If you feel inspired to write arrangements/orchestrations for any of the songs on these pages, your help would certainly be appreciated. I'll be happy to post them with appropriate credit for your skill and effort. The original guitar chord annotations are available for many of the songs. 


Download Instructions for *.PDF and *.nwc files: 
On pages with downloadable files you'll see something like this: 

I Can see clearly now.nwc

If the NWC or PDF files are not available, EMAIL ME!

1.To save the *.nwc files to your computer: 
Do not left click to open the link in the normal way (that will most likely get you a white page with nothing on it).
Instead, right click on the keyboard button and choose "save target as..." 
2.The "condensed"  *.nwc files (marked "for printing only") are files that have been changed with the purpose of obtaining a better print-out of the main melody line, which means mostly without the chorus repetitions. Be aware that these files may  not play correctly. 

3. MIDI files (*.mid) are usually embedded in the pages with autostart, so that you can hear what the music sounds like without  downloading the *.nwc's. 

4. The *.PDF files can be opened for viewing by normal left clicking. Alternatively, right click on the PDF button and choose "save target as..." to save directly to your computer. You will of course need Adobe PDF reader to view PDF files. 

  if you need to upgrade to the latest version to correctly view files that were written with a more recent version that what you have on your computer. 

If the NWC or PDF files are not available, EMAIL ME! 

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