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Songs of Praise

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Songs of Praise

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Most of the songs in my websites were written with NoteWorthy Composer (TM) (NoteWorthy Artware, Inc.
The shareware version of this program is available for free at  www.noteworthysoftware.com 
and will allow the user to play and print *.nwc files. 

Download Instructions for *.PDF and *.nwc files: 
On pages with downloadable files you may see something like this: 

Our Father.nwc
instructions for downloading

1.To save the *.nwc files to your computer: 
Do not left click to open the link. That will most likely get you a white page with nothing on it.
Instead, right click on the keyboard button and choose "save target as..." 
2.The "condensed"  *.nwc files (marked "for printing only") are files that have been changed with the purpose of obtaining a better print-out of the main melody line, which means mostly without the chorus repetitions. Be aware that these files may  not play correctly. 

3. MIDI files (*.mid) are usually embedded in the pages with autostart, so that you can hear what the music sounds like without  downloading the *.nwc's. 

4. The *.PDF files can be opened for viewing by normal left clicking. Alternatively, right click on the PDF button and choose "save target as..." to save directly to your computer. You will of course need Adobe PDF reader to view PDF files. 

  if you need to upgrade to the latest version to correctly view files that were written with a more recent version that what you have on your computer. 

If the NWC or PDF files are not available, EMAIL ME! 


The song playing is the refrain of : "Alleluia! Praise the Lord!"
Lyrics by Sharon Rutherford, music by Geert Cuypers.  

Page last modified: June 07, 2013

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