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Thank you!

to all the people who have made it possible for me to create these pages.
  • First and foremost, very special thanks to: Debra Potts (Louisiana, USA, since 2009 and ongoing)
    • for the many email exchanges in support of this effort and so much more!
    • Debra has proven to be a kindred spirit with a very strong interest in the Ave Maria. 
    • She has sent me a multitude of scores from her own extensive music collection.
    • This website found its current home and domain name thanks to her financial assistance for the move.
    • She continues to financially support this website by purchasing scores and recordings.

  • Rijk Mollevanger (Ndl) who has gone through his extensive personal library of choral music to find me many old Dutch Marian songs (2011)  

  • Xulio Mosquera - Archivo Coral (Vigo - España) who has sent me MANY Ave Maria scores from his choral archive. (2010)  

  • José Luis Pomi, tenor from Uruguay, who has sent me his own transcriptions of several Uruguayan composers. (2010).  

  • Nikša Lendić, who has sent me scores of Zajc, Pellizzari, Dugan and Glasnovic. (2009-2010)  
  • CPDL admin Vaarky for identifying an unknown song by Josquin Desprez as his Ave Verum Corpus, rather than an Ave Maria.  (2010)  

  • All the contemporary composers who were so kind to send me a score, MP3 or  MIDI file of their compositions for my listing. (see work pages)  

  • Piet Mennen, (Ndl.)  for sending me the lyrics of the Ave Maria by Hendrik Andriessen.  

  • N. Nakamura (Jpn.) for allowing me to use the MIDI file from his website. Ave Maria (motet) Montpellier Codex ( 13th C )  

  • Piet Bron (Ndl.) for sending me the 3 Ave Maria compositions by Alex Guilmant.   Gamuto Niimi (Jpn.); for the comments and kind permission to use 2 MIDI files of Marbriano De Orto's compositions.  

  • where one can find a number of great scores and lots of friendly people.
    Special thanks there to Oren Segev (Israel) who has an extensive choral scores collection and sent me about 10 Ave Maria scores that I had not seen before, including Franz Liszt's "Glocken von Rom." (2009)  

  • The people at the Australian National Library, who were so kind to look for the missing page of a score in another collection, and made the complete score available in their online music collection.  

  • Professor Peter Urquhart, for the comments on the mis-attribution of an Ave Maria to Gombert, for sending me score and MIDI file of the genuine Gombert Ave Maria, and for providing some information on the peculiarities of the music notation of that time.  

  • Rebecca Littman, at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Music Library,  who was so kind to send me copies of several antique scores in the UWM music library that I have not been able to find anywhere else.  
  • Bo Löwenström (Antikvariat Enhörningen, Lidingö, Sweden) for mailing me 2 Ave Maria settings by Ludwig von Beethoven. (2004)  

  • Paul Villiger for maintaining a  wonderful website of German-language folklore music (Volkslieder) that also has a number of German-language traditional Ave Marias. They are listed on my website under "Anonymous"  

  • Manfred Hößl for maintaining a similar website for German scores ( and listing a number of wonderful Ave Marias there and on  

  • The people who maintain and all those who have contributed to CPDL and IMSLP, two wonderful websites where a treasure of musical scores can be found, including many Ave Marias. See my CPDL+IMSLP page where I have listed them.    

  • Doug Anderson for the score and MIDI file of Charles Wood's "Hail Blessed virgin Mary."  
  • The people of Musica Sacra , Brno, Czech republic  who were so kind to send me scores of some of the Czech composers in their archives ( Assman, Bendl, Blabla, Bily, Herle, Janacek, Mechura, Nemec, Pololanik, Vanek)  

  • Sir Reginald, for sending me his CD "Concert for Mother Theresa", and for updating some links and errors on my pages.  
  • Charles Kamm for emailing me some additional references 05-13-2005.  

  • Jeanne Buyens (Belgium) for finding me 4 scores of Peter Benoit and a number of other compositions. (2005)  

  • Adam Jarczyk (Polen) for emailing me Gorczycki's score. (2005-07-05)  

  • Art Levine for directing me to several other useful links and posting the Ave Marias by Ockegem and by Nicolas Gombert on his website. (2006)  

  • Doris Grassmugg of "Steirisches Volksliedwerk" for mailing me some German folklore Ave Marias. (2006)  
  • Bertrand Schoen, for emailing me a version with lyrics for Kodaly's Ave (March 2007) and for sending me 5 additional scores in March 2008 (Mascagni, Botazzo, Mauro-Cottone, Neukomm, Villa-Lobos). Merci beaucoup, Bertrand!  

  • Stephen McManus, for emailing his Ave Maria compositions, and for 5 beautiful compositions he made for Sharon's pages.  

  • Sari Hourula (Finland, 2009) for sending me information for several new listings.  

  • Dan Albertson of the "Living Composers Project" database for going through his records and finding me 15 contemporary composers that I had not listed yet. (11/10/2009)  

  • The many thousands of people who posted an Ave Maria video on YouTube. (about 60-100 every day!)
    I find something new there every time I visit.  

  • The many other people who have sent me scores.
    I try to remember to mention their names on the work pages.

  • My apologies to anyone I may have forgotten to give credit for their contribution to this project.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Peace and Blessings!

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