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St-Basil's Hymnal

compiled by the Basilian Fathers


This music is assumed to be public domain in the USA. BEWARE: the modern-day recordings of that music are not!

At least 3 public domain editions are available on the internet as free downloads.
The 14th and 15th edition appear to be identical.
The engraving of the revised 18th edition is of much better quality (easier readable) than previous editions.
The scores of both editions are shown on the same work page.

Hymns in this listing are from the 1906 and the 1918 editions.
Scores are provided on the hymn pages. (see links below) To download:
bulletright-click on the pictures and "save target as" , or
bulletclick on the pictures to see full-size and then "save as".

There is some discrepancy in the numbering of the hymns in the 2 editions.
If the same title has different numbers in the 2 editions, this index listing references it under the 1906 numbering.

Many hymns have slight variations in musical setting between the 1906 and 1919 editions.

Some hymns appear in both 1906 and 1918 editions, but with different tunes by different composers.
About 50 titles are unique to the 1918 edition, in replacement of other hymns from the 1906 edition.
Those titles are listed separately on this page, below the 1906 index.

All hymns are presented with their scores as published in the hymnal. Many hymns from the 1906 edition were sequenced by Donald A Wyckoff. His original website no longer exists, but I was able to recover about 190 MIDI files from webarchive, however it appears that some of those files are corrupted and do not play at all. Also, many of these MIDI files have errors in melody, phrasing and tempo.  
Donald Wyckoff has contacted me since (May 2011) to let me know he has his St-Basil's Hymnal website up again  at 2 new servers: see THIS PAGE and THIS PAGE.

Some pages may show the media player, but music does not play because there is no MIDI file, or the old MIDI file was corrupted. I intend to complete those missing MIDIs later. 

1906 edition

1. God of my Heart 
2. Nearer My God To Thee 
3. Holy God We Praise Thy Name 
4. I Love thee O Thou Lord Most High 
5. StrikeThe Harp 
6. O Come Loud Anthems Let Us Sing
7. Praise Ye The  Lord 
8. Jesus Sweet Jesus 
9. Jesus Is God 
10. Jesus Saviour of my Soul 
11. O Jesus Jesus Dearest Lord 
12. O Jesus Thou the Beauty Art 
13. Sweet Name Which Makes the Dying Live 
14. Jesus the Very Thought Of Thee 
15. Give Me O Jesus Dear A Place To Dwell 
16. Behold the Heart Whose Love For Man 
17. Sweet Heart Of Jesus Be My Love 
18. O Sacred Heart That On The Cross 
19. I Dwell A Captive in this Heart 
20. Hear The Heart Of Jesus Pleading 
21. Sacred Heart On Accents Burning 
22. Like  A  Strong  And  Raging  Fire 
23. O Sacred Heart 
24. Upon The Altar Night And Day 
25. Peace Be Still our God Is Dwelling 


26. To Thy Pure and Burning Heart 
27. O Sacred Heart O love divine 
28. A Message From the Sacred Heart 
29. Form Your Ranks Oh All Ye Leaguers 
30. As The Radiant Dawn is Stealing 
31. O Jesus Dear Thy Sacred Heart 
32. How shall I ever Know the Love 
33. To Jesus  Heart All Burning 
34. Heart of Jesus Dearest Treasure 
35. Heart of Jesus we are Grateful 
36. Close Veiled in that Sweet Sacrament 
37. Thou Art My Hope Dear Sacred Heart 
38. Hail Jesus Hail Who For My Sake 
38-2. Soul of My Saviour Sanctify my Breast 
39. What Happiness Can Equal  Mine 
40. In This Sacrament Sweet  Jesus 
41. What Light Is Streaming From the Skies 
42. I Am My Love s 
43. Jesus My Lord My God My All 
44. O Jesus Christ Remember 
45. Saving Host 
46. When Our Saviour Wished To Prove 
47. My God My Life My Love 
48. When At Thy Altar 
49. O Bond Of Love 
50. O Lord I Am Not Worthy 

51. My Jesus From His Throne Above 
52. Jesus Jesus Come to Me 
53. O What Could My Jesus Do More 
54. Ave Verum 
55. Happy We Who Thus United 
56. Holy Queen We Bend Before Thee 
57.  Hail Heavenly Queen 
58. O Purest Of Creatures 
59. Daily Daily Sing To Mary 
60. O Blest For e er the Mother 
61. 'T is the Month Of Our Mother 
62. Mother of God We Hail Thy Heart 
63. Hail Virgin Dearest Mary  (Lambilotte)
64. Joy of My Heart O Let Me Pay 
65. Glorious Mother From High Heaven 
66. Ah Her Smile Makes heav n Rejoice 
67. Mother Of Mercy Day By Day 
68. O Flower Of Grace Divinest Flower 
69. Come And Chant The Praises 
70. O Mater Admirabilis 
71. The Day Is Over 
72. How Pure How Frail And White 
73. Ah What A Joy Dear Mother 
74. My Own Dear Mother Mary 
75. Joy Joy The Mother Comes 

76. Hail Thou Star Of Ocean 
77. Mary Mother Shield Us Through Life 
78. Unfold Unfold Ye Golden Gates Of Heaven 
79. Mother Dear O Pray For Me 
80. Daughter of a Mighty Father 
81. Ave Sanctissima 
82. O Dearest Mother Of Mercy 
83. Mother Mary At Thine Altar 
84.  Heart Of Mary Heart The Purest 
85. The star Of The Ocean Is Risen 
86. When Evening Shades Are Falling 
87. Fading Still Fading 
88. As the Dewy Shades of Even 
89. It Is The Name Of Mary  
90. Hail Queen Of The Heavens 
91. Thro  The World Thy Children Raise 
92. Mother Dearest Mother Fairest 
93. Mary Dearest Mother 
94. O Heart Of Mary Pure And Fair 
95. O Mother Loved 
96. Come Gather Round The Altar 
97. Look Down O Mother Mary 
98. Hail Holy Queen Loved Mother  To Thee 
99. Ave Maria Guardian Dear (Lambillotte)
100. Sweet Lady Of The Sacred Heart 

101. Holy  Mary Mother Mild 
102. Hail  Queen Of Heaven The Ocean Star 
103. O Mother I Could Weep For Mirth 
104. Children Of Mary High Your Voices Raise 
105. Bring Flowers of the Rarest 
106. We Come Dearest Mother
107. Bright Mother Of Our Maker Hail 
108. Wilt Thou Look Upon Me Mother 
109. Rose Of The Cross 
110. The Clouds Hang Thick O er  
111. Mother Mary Queen Most Sweet 
112. O Sanctissima, O Piissima
113. O Mother Blest  (anonymous)
114. As The Gentle Spring Uncloses  
115. ON This Day O Beautiful Mother 
116. To Love Thee O Mary 
117. O When Shall We With Angels Bright  
118. Hail All Hail Sweet Notre Dame De Lourdes 
119. Hail Rose Of Mystic Beauty 
120. Mary How Sweetly Falls That Word  
121. The Sun Is Shining Brightly 
122. Ave Maria Bright And Pure 
123. O Mary Dear Mother How Fondly I Flee 
124. Holy Patron Thee Saluting
125. Joseph Pure Spouse 

126. Holy Joseph Dearest Father 
127. With Tender Love   
128. Dear Guardian of Mary 
129. Great St-Joseph, Throned in Glory
130. Great St Joseph Meek And Lowly 
131. Dear St Joseph 
132. First Flow'ret Of The desert 
133. To Kneel At Thine Altar 
134. O Lady High In-Glory Raised 
135. Hibernia s Champion Saint All Hail 
136. All Praise to Saint Patrick 
137. Hail Patron Of Erin 
138. Thou Who Hero like Hast Striven 
139. Dear Saint Who On Thy Natal Day 
140. Faithful To Thy Spouse And Love 
141. We Come To Thee O Happy Saint 
142. Veni Sponsa Christi 
143. O Turn To Jesus, Mother, Turn 
144. Pray for the Dead 
145. O Dearest Lord We Humbly Crave 
146. See He Comes 
147. Like The Dawning Of The Morning  
148. Hark An Awful Voice Is Sounding 
149. Hark What Mean Those Holy Voices 
150. Adeste Fidelis (With Hearts Truly Grateful)


151. Oh Lovely Infant Dearest Saviour 
152. Sleep Holy Babe 
153. See Amid The Winters Snow 
154. Angels we have heard on high 
155. Dear Little One How Sweet Thou Art 
156. Stars Of Glory Shine More Brightly 
157. The Heavens Bend To Kiss The Earth 
158. A Glorious Voice Sounds Through The Night 
159. What Beauteous Sun Surpassing Star  
160. Parce Domine 
161. Miserere
162. O Cor Jesu 
163. Now Are The Days Of Humblest Prayer 
164. Thou Loving Maker Of Mankind 
165. Christians Who Of Jesus Sorrows 
166. O Gracious Lord Creator Dear  
167. Jesus Jesus Behold At Length 
168. O Come And Mourn With Me Awhile 
169. What a Sea Of Tears And Sorrow 
170. Stabat Mater 
171. Lord of Mercy and Compassion 
172. All Hail Dear Conqueror All Hail 
173. Alleluia Alleluia Let The Holy Anthem Rise 
174. The Dawn Was Purpling Over The Sky  
175. Christ The Lord Is Risen Today
176. Today He Is Risen 
177. Haec Dies 

178. O Filii et Filiae 
179. Hail the Holy Day Of Days 
180. Thy Sacred Race O Lord Is Run 


181. O Thou Eternal King Most High 
182. Our Lord Is Risen 
183. Veni, Creator Spiritus
184. See the Paraclete Descending 
185. Holy Spirit, Come and Shine
186. Creator Spirit All Divine 
187. Come Holy Ghost send  down Your beams 
188. Come Holy Ghost 
189. Have Mercy On Us God Most High  
190. Sing my Joyful Tongue The Mystery  
191. Lauda Sion 
192. Sweet Saviour Bless Us Ere We Go 
193. Hear Thy Children Gentle Jesus 
194. Lead kindly light Amid The Encircling Gloom 
195. Faith Of Our Fathers  
196. Yes Heaven Is The Prize 
197. Pity My God Tis For Our Loved Land 
198. Veni Jesu, Amor mi
199. Vivat Vivat 
200. On Bended Knee, a Guilty Race
201. Accept  Almighty Father 
202. Hark, hark, the Angels Singing
203. Dear Angel, ever at my Side
204. Bless me, Befriend me
205. Michael, Prince of Highest Heaven
206. Know ye, that Angels silently Glide
207. O God, How Ought my grateful Heart
208. Hark! Hark my Soul

1918 revised edition:
015b. O Christ, The World's Creator Bright
016b. O Christ, Behind Thy Temple's Veil
017b. Only Thee, my Jesus
020b. My Dearest Saviour I would fain
021b. Pity, my God! 'T is for our loved Land
22b. (??? bad scan)
026b. O Jesus, Lord, Most Mighty King

030b. I Rise from Dreams of Time
034b. O sacred Heart, our Home Lies Deep in Thee
036b. O Take me to Thy Sacred Heart
042b. Jesus, Gentlest Saviour
050b. After Communion

054b. Hail Thou Living Bread
062b. Immaculate Mary (Ave de Lourdes)
063b. Hail Virgin Dearest Mary (Rossini)
064b. I'll sing a hymn to Mary
066b. Sing, Sing, ye Angel Bands
068b. Mother all Beautiful
070b. Raise your Voices, Vales and Mountains
073b. O Mother Most Afflicted

077b. This is the Image of our Queen
082b. What Mortal Tongue
091b. O Queen of the Holy Rosary
097b. O Maria, sine Labe Concepta
099b. Ave Maria Guardian Dear (Jules Brasil)
100b. The Lord Whom Earth and Air and Sea

106b. Uplift the Voice and Sing
107b. Queen and Mother, Many Hearts
110b. Green are the Leaves
113b. O Mother Blest (Jules Brasil)
116b. Oh, Vision Bright
119b. Mary, unto Thee I Call
131b. Hail, Holy Joseph, Hail
132b. Dear St-Joseph, Pure and Gentle
137b. Hail Glorious Saint Patrick
140b. Saint Anthony, We Turn to Thee
141b. It is no Earthly Summer's Ray
142b. Help Lord, the Souls which Thou hast Made
145b. Ye Souls of the Faithful

157b. What lovely Infant can this be?
158b. O Holy Night
159b. The First NoŽl, the Angel did Say
167b. Jesus, My God, Behold At Length (Fr. Bredaine)
169b. By the Blood that Flowed from Thee
170b. My God, I Love Thee, not because
172b. By the First Bright Easter Day
176b. Now at the Lamb's High Royal Feast

180b. Jesus Christ is Risen Today
183b. Come, Holy Ghost
190b. O Bond of Love
194b. Just for Today


15th edition: (ca.1906) - 440 pp. 1918 revised edition - 360. pp.

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