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Farmville Help for beginning Players

FarmVille is a  computer game available on Facebook and some other social networks.

I have made repeated good-faith attempts to contact Zynga re. fair-usage permission to use their artwork in this fan website, but have not received a response so far. All art in this FarmVille part of the website  © Zynga.

FV: the basics FV: level 21-100 Progress > level 100 My progress FarmVille Farms Cheating FV-addiction

Yours Truly


This website is intended for beginning farmers. (up to level 100)

I started playing FarmVille November 12, 2011 and I quickly became frustrated about the lack of organized basic instructions about the game.

These pages may help beginning players who experience the same problems. 
I have no intention of making this anything more than that.
More advanced players will probably not find anything new in these pages.

We hope the FarmVille tips in this guide will help you have a better FarmVille experience.

This beginners guide can show you how you can level up and max out on your farms more quickly.
I went from level 1 to level 76 in one month; to level 90 and maxed out in 3 farms in 6 weeks,  level 100 in less than 2 months; playing 100% freebie, and not even making very much of an effort at it. All it takes is time at the computer and a lot of clicking. I am sure it can be done even quicker than that, but hey, it's a game ...

The single most important thing to do?
Add your FarmVille neighbors every day, and contact FarmVille players on Facebook, so you can harvest the newsfeed rewards. A plentiful supply of feeds make all the difference between struggling to find the items you need and breezing along. See THIS PAGE for instructions.


bulletAbout the game
bulletThe goal
bulletBrowsers for FarmVille
bulletGame Problems + Game support


bulletFarmVille: the basics - level 1-20
bulletFarmVille 101: the basics about:
bulletFarm Coins
bulletFarm Cash
bulletFarm aides
bulletFarmVille 102: the basics about:
bulletFarmVille 103: Tools of the trade
bulletMulti Tool
bulletPlow Tool
bulletMove Tool
bulletRecycle Tool
bulletFencing in your avatar.
bulletFarmVille - Getting started.
bulletThis is where you start(ed)
bulletSpecialize your farms.

More details about:

bulletWhat do I plant when ...
bulletCrop yield tables
bulletBe Nice.
bulletGetting more neighbors?
bulletHow can you help each other?
bulletUsing the FarmVille neighbors more effectively.
bulletFarm aides
bulletMarch 2012: a new farm - Hawaii
bulletJune 2012: another farm: Jade Falls
bulletGame advancement for the more advanced player.
bulletMy progress

That's all folks.

My likes and dislikes about FarmVille.

The game has many millions of active players. 
That shows that despite the many problems, this is basically a good game.
Unfortunately there are so many problems that many players give up after a short while.

What I do like about the game:

bulletIt is a wonderful game idea.
bulletIt's a fun game that you can play at your own pace.
bulletCute and lovable cartoon characters and environment.
bulletNo violence.
bullet(mostly) non-competitive.
bulletThe sharing system. Helping each other is always good, even if it's only in a game.
bulletThe game has some very positive addictive qualities, because it creates a sense of achievement.
bulletIt requires a longer-term commitment to continue playing
bulletIt is nice to see your farm grow as the result of your continued efforts.
bulletIt's always fun to receive loads of presents, even if it's only a cartoon ducky!

What I don't like about the game:

bulletToo many in-game problems.
bulletTrying to play this game is sometimes more of an exercise in frustration than a fun pastime.
bulletSo many game crashes every few minutes that it is impossible to keep track of.
bulletInventory items, including FV coins and cash, disappear all the time.
bulletEven many free-players are abandoning the game because of all the long-standing game-play problems.
bulletThe game can cause health and other problems.
bulletexcessive clicking required (danger for carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive movement injuries)
bulletreal-cash payment required for one-click alternatives.
bulletThe game can become very damaging if virtual achievement becomes more important than real-life activities.
See this page: FarmVille Addiction
bulletPrivacy violations:
bulletZynga has access to your Facebook friends list as a condition to play the game.
bulletZynga abuses this by listing these people in-game as request recipients.
bulletThis causes (?illegal?) spamming with unsolicited messages to your non-gaming friends in the hope that they'll start playing Zynga games as well. After I stopped playing, I deleted the FarmVille app from my computer, and set Facebook to NOT send me messages, yet I still get FarmVille messages daily...
bulletMONEY! 'Buy! Buy! Buy!' every step of the way.
bulletZynga would do better to clean up the game, that it can be played without constant frustrations and suspicion.
bulletTowards end 2011, Zynga started cranking out so many new trees and animals that a goal of complete mastery became impossible.
bulletHappy customers would gladly pay a small subscription fee to continue in an engaging game.
bulletThe unrelenting money-grabbing in a game that has been having so many problems for so long is such a major irritant that for many people it can become the drop that sinks the boat. It was for me.
bulletZynga steals from their customers!
bulletInventory items, including FV-cash disappear quite frequently, and are not always returned when you write customer support. Customer service often refuses to respond to emails on this subject.
bulletAmounts disappeared from my account:
bulletNovember + December 2011 - lost track of exact amounts, but several times.
bulletJanuary 2012: 75 FV-cash disappeared, restored only after BBB complaint.
bulletFebruary 2012: 61 FV-cash disappeared, not restored to date.
bulletMarch 2012: 30 FV-cash to date (03/15/2012)
bulletIt is obvious from the posts on many websites that this is a very common occurrence and a widespread problem.
bulletImagine that: 1 million players, $1 once a year would be $1,000,000 one million dollars they steal from their players in a single year. There are many more than one million players. Stuff disappears from inventory not just once a year but at least weekly ...
bulletI truly enjoyed playing FarmVille for several months, but after that, the multitude of persistent problems and the repeated disappearance of FV-cash pretty much did it for me. I pretty much stopped playing FarmVille in April 2012.
I did return after a few months, with a new attitude: set FV-cash to zero and keep it that way, so they can't steal it.
bullet Expect that the game will crash and things will disappear.
If you can put up with that, you might enjoy the game better than I did.

A few of many, many, many ... FarmVille-related websites:

bulletZynga FarmVille forum
bulletFarmVille feed
bulletFarmVille wiki
bulletanother FarmVille wiki
bulletFarmVille Secrets and Tips
bullethttp://farmville.invantix.com/  (an older site, not recently updated)
bullet farmviller.com

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FV: the basics FV: level 21-100 Progress > level 100 My progress FarmVille Farms Cheating FV-addiction

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