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Help is always welcome.

This website can only continue to grow if we can acquire more scores and music files of additional Ave Maria songs.

A. How to submit an Ave Maria?

Please, email your documentation to infoatavemariasongsdotorg  

Printed scores, transcriptions and manuscripts:

Printed music, transcriptions or original manuscripts, everything is welcome.
I prefer an electronic copy rather than a paper copy or original.  

Many publishers require you to purchase a minimum of 5, 10 , 20 or even more scores for choral works.
If you have some extras laying around that are not being used, consider snail-mailing one to me.
Geert Cuypers
5675 Majestic View Rd SW
Deming, NM 88030

If you scan a score for me,
  • please do so preferably in grey-scale or color, at 300dpi or higher, and save the pages in JPG-format.
  • Black-and-white scans are less useful, especially for older scores.
High resolution digital pictures are a good alternative to scanning when the score is old and might be damaged by copying or scanning.
  • Use the smallest lens opening possible. That allows better focus for wider distance range.
  • Even so, the score needs to be fairly flat, or the picture will not be focused properly over the entire page.
  • Make sure the camera is focused properly, or I won't be able to read the picture.
  • Make sure the camera is perpendicular to the score to avoid perspective distortion in the picture.
  • Do not use flash. That tends to cause a glare and shadows that make it difficult to read the score.
This research project can be used as a historic preservation repository for Ave Maria scores.
Copyrighted scores will not be shared or distributed on the website.  

Recordings (MP3s)

Please, email me what you have.
The only purpose I have for mp3s is to identify a piece correctly, so low resolution mp3s are OK.
  • Please provide information as to source (CD, private recording, ...)
  • and if possible, ID the performers so I can give them proper credit as well.

B. How to assist with transcribing scores.

Ask and thou shallt be given (lotsa work...)
  • If you have the time, the willingness and a notation program, you are invited to assist me with transcribing printed scores or manuscripts into a notation program.
  • I use NoteWorthy Composer because it is cheap and simple to use, even though the printed output isn't always very neat.  

Notation and MIDI files:

If you notate / transcribe a score in your favorite notation program (NWC, Finale, Sibelius, etc...)  please:
  • Notate each voice to a separate stave;
  • Include the lyrics in your notation;
  • From the file menu in your notation program 'save as'  type 1 MIDI and MusicXml (mxml);
  • email me a copy of your notation file and the MIDI file.
If you make a transcription of a score or recording you have access to,
  • email me a also copy of the original score or recording as source reference.
IMO the 'Choir oohs' and 'aahs' in standard MIDI sound just awful.
  • I score voice parts with wind instruments, mostly piccolo for the highest voice, flute and  recorder for the lower voices.
  • Occasionally I use the whistle for a solo voice with choir as that stands out better.
  • I try to maintain consistency throughout, but that is not always possible.  
  • I include one or 2 (invisible) measures with rests at the start of the notation file and several rest measures at the end with a muted final note (otherwise MIDI will cut off the rests at the end.)
    This way there is an interruption between repetitions when the MIDI is looped. 

C. Obtaining scores from libraries?

Is there anyone in or near London who could visit the British National Library?
BL has well over 1200 Ave Marias in their vaults.
See THIS PAGE  for a listing of scores that I have not found anywhere else.
If you take pictures of the scores with a digital camera, you don't have to pay copying fees.
Do request the scores in advance, so library staff can have them available on the date of your visit.

Same request for
Brussels -    Belgische Koninlijke Bibliotheek           THIS PAGE                              
Den Haag -  Nederlandse Koninklijke Bibliotheek   THIS PAGE                              
Madrid -       Biblioteca Nacional de España              THIS PAGE                              
Any university or music library in your neighborhood ...                              
Church, abbey, diocesan archives ...                              
choirs, private collections, ...                              
government archives and microfilm collections ...

For personal study and research, the librarian may - at their discretion - allow you to make copies, even from works that are still under copyright.

For older documents (pretty much anything before 1900) do not expect that you will be allowed to use a copy machine or scanner. A digital camera may be the only way to get a copy of the score.  

D. How else can you help?

  • There are 5 icon columns on the left side of the listing.  These icons indicate what the documentation status is for each song.  If you see that I am lacking documentation for a song (marked by X) that you have, I hope you will consider sharing it. I will gladly give you credit for the submission, or post anonymously if you prefer it that way.
  • Many of the listed composers have only an Internet reference, without any additional information. If you do have ANY additional information (e.g. year of birth and/or death), musical score (noten, partitura, spartiti), MIDI or other format  music files for these composers, or a picture of the composer; you are invited to email them to me. I will post the information with appropriate credit to the person who provided it, or anonymously if you prefer it that way.
  • I try to include the correct lyrics with each song. MIDI-songs on the Web do not always have lyrics included. If you have a MIDI file (or a notation program format) of the song or a score where the lyrics are fitted with the music, please email me a copy, or send me the link to such file on the Web where I can retrieve it and I'll post it.
  • The Internet is always changing. New websites are created daily and existing ones disappear.
    Some reference links on this site may point to websites or pages that no longer exist.
    I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause.
    Please notify us of any broken/defective links.  
  • Many websites do not allow you to download files from an outside link.
    Often the URL of the home page of the host site is provided so you can bypass this problem by searching that site from its home page. Some of those websites (e.g. may require you to register before you can download any files. 

Page last modified: July 27, 2013