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Jade Falls
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FarmVille Jade Falls: Terraces and Jade Coins

Jade Falls farm

With Jade Falls aka Asia (June 2012), Zynga again introduced a new currency in the game: Jade coins.
Most Asian items require Jade coins to purchase.

There is also a new terrain, the terrace; and a multitude of new crops for this farm.
Crops are made available as you progress.

Progress in the Asian farm is dependent on what you do in this one farm ONLY.
(ZP instead of XP)

More than 6 months after the release, expansions above 24x24 remain cash-only.

A new concept: "Beat" Jade Falls = complete a number of tasks to "beat" the game.
Duh... ?!?!?!? What is there to "beat"?

I have not found any animals, blooms or trees that give an exceptionally high harvest yield for Jade coins.

I did find an indirect way to make a lot of Jade coins fast:

  1. Breed the Mystic Wave tree in your orchards.
  2. Water the seedlings and
  3. sell the trees for 6000 coins and 5100 Jade coins ...

Mystic Wave tree Mystic Wave tree sells for 5100 Jade coins!

The Mystic Wave tree is a limited edition tree that was briefly available in the market in June 2012.
Because it is a level 2 tree, it produces mystery seedlings that allow you to multiply this tree.
With 19 Mystic Wave trees and 100 available orchards, you should get about 30 seedlings = 153,000 Jade coins!

The giant jujube tree (= level 2 tree) also sells for the same amount.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be that much use for those Jade coins. Currently (July 2012), expanding Jade Falls farm past 24x24 remains FV-cash only and nothing that you can buy in the market with Jade coins gives a worthwhile amount of ZP.

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