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FarmVille - Buildings

There are 4 categories of buildings:

  1. Animal buildings for housing and breeding your animals
  2. Craft and trade buildings where you can make things and where you can trade goods you grew or crafted.
  3. Storage buildings where you can store things that you do not want to display for the moment.
  4. Decorative buildings do nothing for your game play, but they look pretty.

1. Animal Buildings.

This category contains all of the buildings located in the "Animals" sub-category of the Market as per November 2011.
Since then, Zynga has turned out multitudes of new buildings. I WILL NOT UPDATE THIS PAGE.

These buildings generally hold a large amount of one group of animals and can be harvested as if it were a single animal.

Some animal storage buildings will give certain things when harvesting them. Duck Ponds give ducklings, Chicken Coops give Mystery Eggs, Beehives give Fertilize All, Nursery Barns give grown-up (common) horses and cows, and Pigpens give Truffles.



2. Craft and Trade buildings

icon name function purchase sell
Since Sept 2012, you can place up to 3 crafts buildings (spa, bakery, winery, or the local equivalent)  on each farm.


The Greenhouse.  
greenhouse Not to be confused with the 'glass house', a non-functional look-alike in Lighthouse Cove.
bulletBuild a greenhouse in your home farm as early as possible.
Your neighbors will be more inclined to visit you if there's something they can harvest.
bulletYou can grow hybrid seeds in the greenhouse. It takes time and will cost you coins, but the yield of these seeds is much higher than for the regular seeds.
bulletYou can ask your friends too help you speed things up.
Three friends or three days ...
bulletWhen you finish a tray, or when you harvest the greenhouse of a neighbor, you can share the reward.
bulletYou can also obtain 5 hybrid seeds for free when you harvest a neighbor's greenhouse. Visit your neighbors every day ans share what you find.
bulletUp to 5 friends can get 20 seeds for free on your newsfeed!
bulletYou share double the amount you just made, 20 times what you find, but you can receive what they share as well...
bulletBe good to your neighbors and share! It adds up for both sides!


The greenhouse is an upgradeable building.
bulletYou start with just 1 seed tray, and by adding building materials, you can expand to 4 (level 2) or 8 trays (level 3)
bulletThe construction materials for the Greenhouse are bricks, nails and wooden boards.
bulletA total of 116 parts (38 bricks, 39 nails and 39 boards) are needed to complete all construction levels.

Visiting neighbors can harvest your completed greenhouse even if you are not using it to make new seeds.

bulletRegardless how big your greenhouse is, neighbors will get only 5 seeds per visit.
bulletIf they share, you can get 20 seeds from their sharing!


  1. Build your greenhouse as soon as possible. It should be one of your first buildings (together with the chicken coop.)
  2. Expand as quickly as you can to 8 trays. That is 400 seeds for every batch.
  3. Start making as many purple tomato seeds as quickly as you can.
  4. Purple tomato is IMO the best crop in the game overall, a quick-growing crop (4Hrs.) with the best relative (per hour) coin yield in the game and experience second only to straspberries.
  5. Unlock the other greenhouse seeds in order of shortest growing time.
    Generally the shorter growing times give the best yields in coins and XP, so they are more useful to advance your game.

More details on THIS PAGE (Zynga support)
More details on THIS PAGE (farmville.wikia)

3. Storage buildings.

bulletThe most useful storage building to hide unwanted items is the storage cellar. It can store up to 1250 items. 
Barn and tool shed are essentially useless with their very limited storage capacity without the storage cellar.
However, the barn shows the entire 1250 item storage for the farm with "look inside".
You can win the red barn from mystery eggs, so there is no need to buy it.
bulletThe garage is needed to upgrade your vehicles past the 2x2 minimum action radius.
bulletThe orchard is a one-click alternative compared to 20 separate trees.
Orchards also give watering cans and mystery seedlings.
bulletThe raffle booth is needed to participate in the weekly raffle.

4. Decorative buildings.

Have no other function than to look pretty.
There are so many that I won't even try to show them here.

Some pages are incomplete. This Site is and always will be under construction!

Please notify us of any broken/defective links 

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