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Farming Aides
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FarmVille - Farm Aides

1. Vehicles

1. Tractor

2. Seeder

3. Harverster

These farming vehicles can drastically reduce your clicking amount.
You can buy them for coins, or make them for free in your craft shop from bushels and baskets.
They use fuel to operate. Fuel can be obtained from various sources in the game.
When purchased or made, they usually come with 2x2 work radius and can be upgraded up to 4x4 with vehicle parts.
icon name function
Tractor plows.
Seeder plants.
Harvester harvests.

4. Combine Chassis

Combine Chassis plows, plants + harvests in one click.

requires many parts to complete, but is very useful for the larger farms.

The Combine will harvest, plow and plant all at once up to 4x4 plots in a single click.

The combine chassis can be purchased for 500,000 coins when you reach level 31.
It requires 40 vehicle parts to complete to level 1 with a 2x2 plot operating field.

Once the Combine is built, it can be upgraded to handle more plots by feeding it more vehicle parts.

combine - completedLevel 1: 500,000 coins + 40 parts for 2x2 plot

Level 2: 6 parts for 3x2 plot,
            requires level 41 + garage to upgrade
Level 3: 15 parts for 3x3 plot
Level 4: 30 parts for 4x3 plot
Level 5: 45 parts for 4x4 plot

It is a useful vehicle to get for the larger farms where it is a big time- and click-saver.
The 4x4 combine replants about 50 times faster than without vehicles,
                                                3 times faster than with separate harvester + plow + seeder of same size.

You can buy bigger combines (up to 8x8) but it will cost you FV-cash!

2. Farm expansions:

January 2012: 34x34 for all farms, coins expansions available to max (WW still pending for sizes above 22x22)
May 2012: max size is 40x40. For several farms, the higher sizes are FV-cash only.
October 2012: max size is 44x44 (home farm 46x46)
                     Everything above 38x38 home --> Hawaii and
                     everything above 20x20 Jade --> Misteletoe lane remains FV-cash.

3. Arborist / Farmhand / gardener / farmworker

bulletThe arborist harvests all free-standing trees on the farm. (not orchards)
bulletThe farmhand harvests all free-roaming animals on the farm (not buildings)
bulletThey can be obtained for free from feeds, gifts, buildings, or you can make them in the craft shop.

(Nov. 2012 cash only)

bulletThe gardener harvest all freestanding blooms.
bulletThe farmworker harvests all buildings.

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