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FarmVille - Getting Started

By the time you read this, you'll probably be well further on your way than level one and possibly looking for some answers.
I hope these pages may provide the answers you're looking for.

source page + personal comments.
Farmville First Screen When you come to FarmVille for the first time you find yourself standing in the middle of your farm.
There are six plots, two of which are ready to harvest.
You harvest crops by clicking on them.
When you harvest crops you receive FarmVille coins.

After you harvest the crops you need to plow the plots again and plant new seeds.
You select the plow tool and click the plot square to plow it.
You can also plow the green to make more farming plots.

Plowing costs you 15 coins. Seeds can cost you much more.
Don't get carried away and plow so much that you don't have any coins to buy seeds for them!

It is important that you understand how crops work in FarmVille before planting.
Some crops take longer to become ready to harvest than others.
Some are ready in hours while others can take up to 4 days to ripen.
That is four real days.
You'll find the seeds in the market window. Many will be locked until you level up.

Plant some cheap, shorter-term crops for the first few times.
That way you can quickly generate some more coins to buy more seed.
Raspberries and strawberries are probably your best choices the first few days.
more farmville crops You need to generate coins to pay for more plowing and seeds.
It will take a few harvest cycles to develop a larger, more productive farm.

Just keep plowing squares and planting seeds as often as possible.
Lay out your plots neatly and close together.
If that didn't work out too well the first time, use the "move tool" to rearrange them.

In the beginning, most of you farm should be for crops.
This early, you grow your crops, so your crops can make you grow!
Buildings can wait.

As you level up in FarmVille, you 'unlock' additional seeds, trees, animals and also buildings.

Some of these new crops will give you more coins when you harvest them.
As you progress you can add animals, buildings, trees, fences, and decorations.

Here is an example of a well laid out farm that maximizes the use of the land.

You will notice that trees and animals are on the far side so they are not in the way of harvesting crops.
  Here is another nicely laid out farm.
This farm has more decorations such as hedges, fences, arches, a barn.
Production and fast progression? 
Esthetically pleasing? 
Ultimately, you decide what is important to you!

Recommendation: Specialize your farms.

bulletUse your home farm for crop production. You have more plots there.
bulletThe only buildings you should put up on home farm are the greenhouse and the beehive. Chicken coop optional.
bulletYou will probably want to get the harvester, plow and seeder to save on clicking. They are fairly cheap.
If you wait until you get to level 21, you can get a school-bus plow and truck seeder as the gold rewards for 2 co-op jobs.
bulletThe combine is even more effective, but is quite expensive compared to the 3 separate vehicles.
It also is locked until level 31 to purchase and level 41 to upgrade.
bulletDo not put up animal or trees in home farm.
Keep them in your gift box until you have access to a second farm.
bulletUse Lighthouse Cove farm for your animals and trees.
bulletYour farming plots are very limited there, so crop farming will be less important.
bulletPut up your animal buildings ONE AT A TIME, otherwise you'll be waiting for a long time for them to complete.
bulletSpecial deliveries tend to give what you need, prioritizing water cans for seedling and animal feed for babies.
bulletWith only one building under construction you will get what you need for that one building until you're done.
bulletWith many buildings under construction you'll get a little bit of everything, but not what you need to complete a building until they are all almost done.
bulletDon't buy trees in your market. Look for trees and mystery seedlings in the feeds.
bulletOnce you start picking up trees and seedlings, build orchards, otherwise it will get cluttered really quickly.


My home farm at level 41: All farming. Lighthouse Cove farm at level 41: all animals + trees go here
My home farm at level 41: All crop farming. Lighthouse Cove farm at level 41: all animals + trees go here.


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