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FarmVille - Trees+ Blooms.

Recommendation: Specialize your farms.

bullet(Animals and) trees are not really something for the beginning farmer to concentrate on.
bulletThe animals and trees you get for free do not provide any XP.  They are kinda cute though ...
bulletPurchasing an animal or tree from the market gives you a ONE-TIME XP as listed.
bulletHarvesting an animal or tree does not give XP, so that will not help you to level up.
bulletUse your home farm for crop production. You have many more plots there.
Crop farming is a better use of of space for the beginning farmer as it will advance you much faster.
bulletDo not put up animal or trees in home farm.
Keep your animals and trees in your gift box until you have access to a second farm.
bulletUse Lighthouse Cove farm for your animals and trees.
Your farming plots are very limited there, so crop farming will be less important there.

COMMENT re. trees:

For the beginning farmer, quantity would be more important than quality.
Collect all trees you can get from the feeds or grow from seedlings and place them on your 2nd farm for coin generation.
These coins will help you expand your farms and your crafting buildings more quickly.
Use farmhands and arborists for 1-click harvesting of all free-standing animals and trees.

When you start getting crowded for space, start thinking quality instead of quantity.
Discard low-yield items and keep the higher-yield items to get higher yields for the same space.

bulletTrees are harvested for coins and mastery points.
bulletHarvesting trees does not give XP, so trees will not help you level up.
bulletTree farming is therefore not important for the beginning farmer.
Do not waste your crop spaces to place trees on them. Use only empty space.
bulletfor tree mastery requirements, see list on THIS PAGE.
bulletHarvestable trees are divided in two categories:
bulletLevel 1 trees:
bulletavailable to any farmer with the appropriate level via market or gift and a few other sources ...
bulletcannot be obtained by growing a Mystery Seedling.
bulletSome level 1 trees may be impossible to get if you don't want to spend FV-cash.
bulletusually gave very low harvest yields.
bulletLevel 2 trees:
bulletMany can be obtained for free by growing a Mystery Seedlings or directly from the feeds when someone else grows a seedling and shares.
bulletmany can also be purchased in the market for FV-cash.
bulletLevel 2 trees usually give higher harvest yields than level 1 trees.

See THIS PAGE for tree list by level. (available in your mastery list)
See THIS PAGE for tree list with harvest yields (available in your market).

bulletTrees can be a very useful intermediate source of coin generation.
You will need A LOT of trees of the right types to make tree farming useful for coin generation.
It does take time to collect that many trees and build the many orchards you'll need to house them.
bulletTrees can be stored in an orchard.
The orchard will hold up to 20 trees and can be harvested once every 2 days, regardless of the type of trees it holds.
bulletorchards are especially useful for trees that have a growing time longer than 2 days.
bulletPlacing long-growth trees in an orchard allows you to harvest more often and master these trees that much faster.
bulletOrchards may give you the level 2 seedlings of the trees you have in them
bulletIf you want a lot of seedlings of one specific tree type, place ONE tree in 20 orchards, instead of 20 trees in one orchard. That increases your chance of getting a seedling 20 times.
bulletYou cannot multiply level 1 trees this way. Seedlings will always be for the level 2 tree.
bulletFor trees with a 2-day growing time, orchards are only useful if you want seedlings from them.
bulletorchards do not speed up the growing time of these trees.
bulletIf you have mastered those trees and don't want seedlings from them, better use you orchards for long-growing trees and for trees that you have not mastered yet.
bulletYou can purchase and build one orchard at a time. You can place as many as you want.
bulletThe orchard is available as a template.
bulletBuilding parts need to be added to complete it. (9 bricks, 10 nails, and 10 boards)
bulletYou can ask your neighbors to send you the necessary building parts, but it is easier to just get them from the feeds or the special deliveries.
bulletThere is no orchard upgrade available in the free game.
bulletThe "super orchard" can be purchased for 60 FV-cash.
bulletThe yield is 4x higher than the regular orchard:
bulletdouble the number of trees in the same space
bulletharvests daily instead of every other day.
bulletIt's a waste of your money.
The cow pasture with belted cows has better yield, and can be obtained with coins only.
bulletI see no purpose in spending real money on super orchards.
bulletThe cost in real money is quite high for something that is ultimately only a virtual yield.
bulletOnce you have maxed out on farm spread and building upgrades, you won't know what to do with your coins anyway. So why spend real money and make it worse?
bulletWhen harvesting the orchard, you will have a chance of finding Mystery Seedlings.
Mystery seedlings can be planted on your farm and need to be watered 8 times to fully grow.
You can receive Watering Cans as free gifts from Neighbors, from the facebook feeds, or from harvesting your own orchards.
bulletThe mystery seedlings you find in your orchards will grow up to be derived from the trees in your orchard.
If you keep only one kind of tree in your orchard, you know what seedlings you'll get.
bulletCheck to see what seedlings your trees will produce. see also THIS PAGE
bulletHover over the tree picture when you 'look inside' the orchard.
bulletlevel 1 trees (like lime trees) give different level 2 seedlings (like key lime trees),
bulletlevel 2 trees give their own seedlings.
bulletMystery seedlings you get from the feeds can grow up to be a different tree than they came from.
bulletHarvesting the orchard and the trees on your farm will count towards Tree Mastery.
You will receive a Tree Mastery Sign after achieving the third star.
bulletIf you have many trees outside orchards, the arborist is very useful to harvest them all in one action.
You can find arborists in the feeds or make them in your craft shop.
bulletSome trees can get you a better yield per space per time than calves, even without orchards (see below).

DO NOT BUY TREES from your market, ...

bulletUnless you want them for mastery points or for level 1 trees that you can't get otherwise, it's a waste of money.
bulletZynga is cranking out so many new tree types so fast that it has become unrealistic to collect them all.
bulletTrying to keep up and collect all will cost you a lot of real money.
Don't forget these are merely cartoons. You're not buying anything real!
bulletThere are so many different tree types nowadays that you could not even place them all on a farm.
If you have to stick them in orchards to place them, nobody will ever see them, so why bother...
bulletYou can get a lot of trees for free from the feeds or as gifts.
bulletTake care of getting new neighbors and make them Facebook friends so you can see their feeds.
bulletIt takes time to build orchards.
Neighbors that post a lot of trees and seedlings are more advanced players (level 100 and up)
bulletGet the grown trees and mystery seedlings that are being shared on the Facebook feeds.
bulletWithin  only a few days you'll have more trees than you can handle.
bulletYou won't be able to keep up collecting the necessary watering cans or building orchards.

 2012-01-15 seedling forest

Calves or trees?

Calves and trees take up the same space = 1 dot-space.
Calves give the highest yield/time/space (3.33 coins/hour/dotspace) for animals outside animal storage buildings that are accessible to the beginning player.
The max crop yield (purple tomatoes) = 27.25 coins/crop plot with 16 dotspaces/crop plot = 1.70 coins/hour/dotspace.
Of course, crops also give you XP which you cannot get from calves or trees.

Calves and trees are both fairly easy to get from the feeds without cost.

bulletEarly on, calves will probably give a higher coin yield per space per time than most of the trees you can access.
bulletSome level 2 trees can get you a better yield per space per time than calves. If your goal is to get the highest yield per time per space, you might eventually want to switch to those higher-yield trees. See sorted list at bottom of this page.
bulletLevel 1 trees give lower yield than calves.
bulletSome level 2 trees give better yields than calves, even without orchards (see below)

A tree will need to yield >80 coins/day (=160 coins / tree harvest every other day = 3200 coins per harvest for full orchard) to produce better income than calves.

bulletCalves harvest every day.
bulletTrees harvest every 2 days in orchards.
bulletMany trees take longer if not in orchard (up to 5 days)
High-yield trees WITHOUT orchard: (March 2012) High-yield trees WITHIN orchard:
NAME harvest yield growing time (days) yield/tree/day
no orchard
in orchard
Azalea Bonsai II 900 2 450.00 450.00
Flowery Bonsai II 700 2 350.00 350.00
Tulip Bonsai II 500 2 250.00 250.00
peach palm 474 2 237.00 237.00
Rainbow Gum Tree 1150 5 230.00 575.00
shinko pear 420 2 210.00 210.00
White Gum Tree 550 3 183.33 225.00
giant coin 300 2 150.00 150.00
golden malayan coconut 420 3 140.00 210.00
indian laurel 420 3 140.00 210.00
longan tree 420 3 140.00 210.00
singapore jack 420 3 140.00 210.00
autumn ginkgo 390 3 130.00 195.00
royal crystal 250 2 125.00 125.00
giant teddy bear 250 2 125.00 125.00
manila mango 390 4 97.50 195.00
crack willow 180 2 90.00 90.00
downy birch 180 2 90.00 90.00
european beech 180 2 90.00 90.00
european pear 180 2 90.00 90.00
oak 180 2 90.00 90.00
wych elm 180 2 90.00 90.00
mission olive 336 4 84.00 168.00

highlight = yield > 2x calves.

highlight = these trees do not require orchards.
More than 80% of the trees have a 2-day growing time. Unless you want seedlings from them, they do not require orchards.

The yield of trees with longer growing times will be correspondingly higher within an orchard.


NAME harvest yield growing time (days) yield/tree/day
no orchard
in orchard
Rainbow Gum Tree 1150 5 230.00 575.00
Azalea Bonsai II 900 2 450.00 450.00
Flowery Bonsai II 700 2 350.00 350.00
White Gum Tree 550 3 183.33 225.00
Tulip Bonsai II 500 2 250.00 250.00
peach palm 474 2 237.00 237.00
golden malayan coconut 420 3 140.00 210.00
indian laurel 420 3 140.00 210.00
longan tree 420 3 140.00 210.00
shinko pear 420 2 210.00 210.00
singapore jack 420 3 140.00 210.00
autumn ginkgo 390 3 130.00 195.00
manila mango 390 4 97.50 195.00
mission olive 336 4 84.00 168.00
angel red pomegranate 324 5 64.80 162.00
bubble gum 324 5 64.80 162.00
mint candy 324 5 64.80 162.00
pine 324 5 64.80 162.00
silver maple 324 5 64.80 162.00
white pine 324 5 64.80 162.00
giant coin 300 2 150.00 150.00
yellow passion fruit 275 5 55.00 137.50
giant teddybear 250 2 125.00 125.00
royal crystal 250 2 125.00 125.00
key lime 225 5 45.00 112.50
bahri date 207 3 69.00 103.50
chanee durian 195 4 48.75 97.50
golden starfruit 195 4 48.75 97.50
crack willow 180 2 90.00 90.00
downy birch 180 2 90.00 90.00
european beech 180 2 90.00 90.00
european pear 180 2 90.00 90.00
oak 180 2 90.00 90.00
wych elm 180 2 90.00 90.00
cuban banana 168 3 56.00 84.00
golden apricot 168 4 42.00 84.00
breadnut 165 3 55.00 82.50
dwarf almond 165 3 55.00 82.50
mountain ebony 165 3 55.00 82.50
ruby guava 165 3 55.00 82.50

The peach palm tree yields 9.875 coins/hour/dotspace = 3x higher than calves.
2110 peach palm trees (equivalent to 132 farming plots) will give you a cool 1,000,000 coins every 2 days.
Of course, it will take you a while to get that many.
You will probably want to obtain mastery for other trees before you switch large-scale to this kind of mono-culture.

In a super orchard the peach palm yields 39.5 coins/hour/dotspace. That is still significantly less than a cow pasture full of belted cows.

Update June 2012: Swimming ponds with blue whales are a much better choice than either calves or trees. Collect as many calves and trees as you can (quantity before quality) but when you start getting crowded, sell them off to make room for swimming ponds. 

See THIS PAGE for list of trees by level. (available in your mastery list)
See THIS PAGE for more complete list of 381 trees with harvest yields + list of > 300 trees that do not require orchards.

Orchard exploit:

An orchard does not reduce harvest readiness when you place additional trees in it.
This allows for 2 important exploits: maximize revenue and maximize mastery.

The process is very simple. Build as many orchards as you can and place only ONE tree in them so they count for harvest readiness. When all the orchards are ready for harvest, get to work as follows:

1. maximize revenue:

bulletPlace 19 trees in a ready orchard.
bulletHarvest the orchard.
bulletRemove the 19 trees and place them in the next ready orchard.
bulletBecause the azalea bonsai II tree is the tree with the highest harvest yield, (July 2012) this will allow you to harvest the maximum possible revenue for your orchards. (18,000 coins for each orchard with 20 azalea bonsai II trees.)
Do this for 100 orchards and you'll harvest 1,800,000 coins in a single pass!
bulletThis will also give you a lot of tree seedlings, that you can grow so you won't have to move so many trees next time around.
1000+ peach palm trees, now  superceded by the azalea bonsai II. azalea bonsai II for coin generation choco macademia trees for coconuts

2. maximize tree mastery / seedling production.

bulletPlace 19 (or as many as you have) trees of the kind you want to quick-master in a ready orchard.
bulletHarvest that one orchard.
bulletRemove the trees and place them in the next ready orchard.
bulletThis will allow you to repeatedly harvest the same trees over and over again and collect mastery points for every orchard you place them in. With 100 ready orchards you can get 100 mastery points for a single tree x 19 trees = 1900 MP in one harvest. Most trees require only 450 MP for full mastery.
bulletThis will also give you a lot of seedlings from the tree you use.
bulletGrow them if you have a lot to go for mastery so you can get there faster
bulletIf low-yield trees, discard the seedlings.
bulletSell off the grown trees as soon as you reach mastery.
bulletIf you use the crafting shop, you may want to keep a few trees of each category so you can still get some crafts baskets from them.

Update March 2012:
Zynga released a number of new trees that give even higher yields than the peach palm tree.

bulletThe highest yield level 2 tree is Azalea Bonsai II with a 900 coin yield/harvest
= almost double the peach palm tree.

Update July 2012: Blooms + the Bloom Garden:

The bloom garden is a building similar in purpose and function for blooms as the orchard for trees.

Differences + advantages of bloom garden vs. orchard:

  1. The bloom garden template costs 0 (zero) coins to purchase, the orchard template costs 1,000 coins.
  2. The bloom garden can be upgraded with building materials to hold 40 blooms.
    To upgrade the orchard, you have to pay FV-cash!
  3. The tiger lily can be purchased for FV-coins and gives an even higher yield than Azalea Bonsai II.
    Since the bloom garden can hold 40 blooms, the bloom garden yield is 43,200 coins per harvest =  21.600 coins/day!

Tree farming is really beyond the reach of beginning players. It takes a very long time to collect sufficient trees and build enough orchards to make a difference in game advancement.

More questions? 
Check out THIS PAGE for some more tree growing tips.

Some pages are incomplete. This Site is and always will be under construction!

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