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FarmVille 101 - The basics

FarmVille Coins  (FV coins; coins)
are needed to pay for plowing and planting, and to purchase many items in this game.

Things that will increase your FV Coins?

  1. Harvesting.
    bulletThe 2 actions before you can harvest a crop - plowing + planting - will cost you.
  2. Rewards from completing achievements.
  3. Neighbors sharing their rewards ...
  4. FV-coins can be purchased in your market window with FV cash.

Things that will decrease your FV Coins:

  1. plowing (15 coins)
  2. planting (varies with the seed)
  3. purchasing items or upgrades
  4. GAME PROBLEMS. Server reset can make your farm coins disappear.
    Contact FarmVille customer support to get it fixed.

FarmVille Cash  (FV cash)
is a substitute for real cash!

Many upgrades and limited edition items can only be purchased with FV Cash. ( = freemium)

Things that will increase your FV Cash

  1. Level-up gives 1 Farm Cash up to level ? 250 ?
  2. Participating in third party advertisements.
  3. FV-cash can be purchased for real money as game cards in various stores, or directly from Zynga.

Things that will decrease your FV Cash

  1. purchasing game items
  2. GAME PROBLEMS. Server reset can make your farm cash disappear.
    Contact FarmVille customer support to get it fixed.


You need to gather experience points to progress to the next level.
Higher levels require progressively more experience points.

Experience can be obtained from:

  1. plowing (1Xp)
  2. planting (varies, depending on the crop)
  3. fertilizing: a fertilized plot gives you +1Xp
  4. finding a bushel gives you extra +5XP for that plot
  5. harvesting with a bushel boost after mastery of the crop on any farm.
  6. Harvesting on Lighthouse Cove Farm with clam bushel boost gives +1XP for anything you harvest there.
  7. completing quests,
  8. sharing rewards
  9. visiting neighbors and completing missions
  10.  ...


The neighbor system is an essential aspect of the game.

bulletYou start out with very few neighbors.
bulletYou need a certain amount of neighbors to unlock the first few expansions of your farm.
bulletNeighbors can help each other out, share rewards and send each other gifts.
bulletThis is beneficial to both sides, and helps both sides to progress that much faster.
bulletMany tasks in FarmVille cannot be completed without the help of your neighbors.

more details on THIS PAGE                   

Farm aides.

Make your farming easier by reducing the amount of clicking you need to do.

bulletLittle People

more details on THIS PAGE           

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