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Songs of Sharon: Lyrics Only, for now.

No music is available for these songs (yet). For many of the songs, the original guitar chording is available. If you feel inspired, give it your best. 
If you share the results with me, I'll post and give you credit for your work. :-) 
=  original guitar chording available (Word2000)

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Songs of Praise      

I Praise You, Father He waited so patiently,  For the child to turn and see-  Together we’ll make it right.”    
I Will enter His Gates I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heart.
I'll Quiet you in My Love Draw near to Me, I’ll quiet you in My love.
Jesus. Lifting up His Hands As His eyes meet mine, I feel His touch. My life is safe within those hands.
Nov 13, 1991 - 17 years Mighty chains that kept me bound, One by one they’ve hit the ground.
Peace, Sweet Peace With somethin’ so precious, how can I believe A voice that would only seek to deceive?
Take My Hand I look all around, suddenly I understand – The light’s in me, Christ in me, that’s your plan!
Take My Wayward Heart When You set before me a feast of great delight, How can it be I wander into the night?
You Want to Save Me Pain Will I ever learn, only what You give is mine, “Not my will, but Thine”? It’d save me pain, so much pain.

Songs of Teaching

Another Lap around the Desert Another few years or so, Another chance to listen to Me, Before I let you go.
Kings & Samuel poetry in homework.

One heart, faithful. One life , obedient. One man praying. An entire nation saying: ”Praise God!

Don't throw away any more time if you’re looking around, you’re not looking above.
Forbid not the little children Unless you become a little child You shall never enter in.
My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are My ways your ways.
The Fisherman You see, Jesus knew His man, And He saw the greater plan.
War The whole world shudders at the touch of a madman. How much longer can this world stand?
Who are you trying to please If you’d keep your eyes on Me, Your striving would soon cease.

Songs of loss, love and victory

Adrift On confusion 
Where would I be without you?  There’s a magic in the way you touch my heart...
I Don't know if you can really understand You’ve always been the touch of Jesus’ hand, Loving me, and then setting me free. 
When part of your soul isn't there anymore Life goes on, I walk, I talk, I even laugh sometimes, But always there’s an emptiness inside.
The Goodbye Song Lord, I really love him,  “Do you love him more than you love Me?”  
Fragments short notes, fragments of songs unfinished.
The Puppy Love Song I won’t bite and I don’t eat much.  But… sometimes I do get sick in the car. :-)
I've been Away too long 2 songs for 1 occasion.
A Celebration of the Soul

A song of joy, victory and thanksgiving.


Broken Wings A favorite song,  by Janny Grein, with link to "Broken Wings Ministry", outside this website.

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