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   *.nwc and *.mid files on all these pages. 
original guitar chording available ( Word2000)

The music files of these songs are based on a - sometimes fragmentary - home recording.  (voice with guitar)

Songs of Praise

A Father's Heart.  You have a Father up above.  His heart is full of love and mercy.
A Higher Place. Trust in God. Let Him lead you to a higher place. 

Did You Mean It, Lord?

Couldnít You give us an easier way to follow You each day? ... But You gave up Your life for me. 

A Light Divine.

I am like a diamond in the rough...  When Your love comes shining through,  I sparkle with a light divine.  

If Love Never Hurts.

If love never hurts, then why did Jesus cry, then why did He have to die?

I'll never give up.

and Iíll never give in! I may fall, but Iíll get up again. As long as He loves me Iím sure to win.

Just One Touch.

I trust in You, Lord, to work Your will in me, ĎCause just one touch from You can set me free. 

Looking Everywhere. You donít have to look everywhere for Me. Iím here with you, youíre part of Me.
Praise Be. Why am I so bad when I want to be so good? Tell me, Lord, who can set me free? Praise be to Jesus Christ my Lord!!!
The Worm Song Psalm 51: Have Mercy upon me, O God, According to Your loving-kindness.
There You Were. There I was, when no one seemed to care. There You were, loviní me with such a love!

Songs of Teaching

A Grain of Wheat. He who loves his life will lose it then. He who hates it for My sake will gain it for eternity.
Call to Me. On the value and power of prayer.
Come Out God calls His People to stand apart from the rest of the world.
Come walk on the Water Take My hand and believe. Step out in faith and Iíll lift you up, Come walk on the water with Me. 
Freely Give. Freely you have received, freely give! Everything I give to you, I ask you to share.
His Own Special People. God is purifying for Himself His own Special People. Will you let Him make you
Little Country Church. I want you to be happy. Keep your eyes on me. -  A spoof on small-mindedness and bigotry.
Throwaway Children. On loss of families in our throwaway society.
You are My Body. You are My body, You are My Bride, You are one with many parts.

Songs of Love

I asked God for a Friend. A song of love and friendship.

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