Judas will always be Judas    Judas will always be Judas.doc

By Sharon Rutherford    03/05/1991.  music: Geert Cuypers      

Judas will always be Judas.
 Itís forever too late for him.
But if Judas hadnít been a Judas,
Thereís no telling who he might have been.   

2. Thirty pieces of silver,
And a kiss to betray a friend.
What a burden to carry,
What a bitter end!

1. Judas walked with Jesus.
Just like the other men,
He heard the words of the Savior.
How did Satan enter in?  
There is no greater sorrow,
Than a perfect love betrayed.
No way to change tomorrow,
No living with today. 
The seeds of pride and ambition
Grew within his heart.
Bound by menís tradition,
He couldnít see the better part.  


Judas will always be Judas.
Itís forever too late for him.
Letís soften our hearts and listen,
Let the Spirit of Jesus in.

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Sharon's comments included with this song:

Jesus didnít weed out Judas, even though He knew he would betray Him. 
Jesus gave His life for Judas. Judas took his life for himself.

Judas has been with Jesus, exposed to His teachings just like the other eleven men. But he had ideas of how he thought things ought to be, and he just couldnít change his mind because he was looking for an earthly kingdom instead of a heavenly one. That was where his heart was, and he tried to force Jesus to change His mind, to agree with him by these various ways. But Judas ended up hanging himself clutching those useless pieces of silver which he had received for selling his Savior out.

We have Judas here - we might be a Judas. Any church, any heart can have the ďJudas spiritĒ.

Is my heart yielded to God, committed to His ways and not my own? Will I change my mind, repent, and yield, no matter how it hurts my pride, my flesh? Will I hold on to those 30 pieces of silver just as long as I can? Is it too late for me Ė is my heart hardened by the deceitfulness of sin, from hearing the Word of God and continually hardening my heart until I can no longer hear?

Judas never did repent.

2 Cor 7:10 ďFor godly sorrow produces repentance to salvation, not to be regretted; but the sorrow of the world produces death.Ē  
It is a perilous thing to resist the Word of God.

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