bell pepper stew

many dates. For reference only

Besides soups and sauces, bell peppers can also be served as a side dish.
Don't forget: Proven├žal sauce is a vegetable stew that is served as a sauce.

These are just a few of many stews with bell peppers.


Pic1: brisket with mixed vegetables



Pic2: shrimp & chicken casserole with bell peppers, poblano peppers



Pic3: bell pepper chicken stew



Pic4: beef stew with mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes

Proven├žal sauce

Pic5 a: 2016-04-12
Pic5 b: internet picture
Pic5 c: 2017-11-03


Frozen onion & bell pepper mixes

From 2018 on, I've also been using frozen onion & bell pepper mixes in many a stew and soup. I always keep a few bags in my freezer for a steady supply.


Pic6: frozen onion & bell pepper mixes


Pic7: berbere beef stew