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Other sites with liturgical music :

www.cpdl.org Choral Public Domain Library. Available files can be copied and performed freely.
www.classicalarchives.com  MIDI and MPR files of classical and contemporary composers and performers.
www.Sibeliusmusic.com  "The largest collection of new scores on the Web." 
You need to download the Sibelius Scorch plug-in to view and print files on this site. 
www.marcovoli.it An Italian composer and Choir director. Many nwc and PDF files available.
NWC Scriptorium
The unofficial repository for all things NoteWorthy, including help files, fonts, and over 1000 NWC files to peruse.  
www.ciantar.org/nwcopera Opera music
  M. McCawley
Stephen McManus


These are the NoteWorthy Webring members, as per 05-03-2003, all listed for you.

Noteworthy Composers Webring
If your site has music files created by Noteworthy Composer, this Webring is for you! Join today! 

 NWC Scriptorium
The unofficial repository for all things NoteWorthy, including help files, fonts, and over 1000 NWC files to peruse.

Frank Sabatini's Music
If you want background music for your website, come here! From jazz to rock and more! 

That Fatal Kiss Music
Home Site of Christian Praise & Worship songwriter David Cooper. All songs are available for download as MIDI files, with accompanying sheet music (both produced by NWC), chord charts and OHP masters. mp3s are also available from elsewhere via the "Links" page. You can also visit the Discussion Forum to impart your wisdom on any aspect of Contemporary Christian Music.

Nigel Pendrey's NWC and Midi files
Some original stuff, some transcriptions, some rubbish......

 The Realm of Valkyris
Enter the realm of Valkyris and experience and eclectic blend of Folk, New Age and Jazz music along with poetry, art photography as well as ancient history and mythology.

Songs written by THROPIDA, Midi, Zip, NWC, etc. with all players needed to play just follow the directions also animated zip files that go with the music all originally done by Dave Kempf, thank you!

Virtually Baroque: Noteworthy Composer Page
This page describes how I use Noteworthy Composer to create mp3 files, both on my soundcard and on a MIDI-equipped pipe organ. It also provides links to my music, and to the tools I use to make my music.

Le site de Pierre SCHMIDT
1- Oeuvres pour choeurs de différents compositeurs, pièces arrangées pour flûte(s) à bec et piano
2- Association "les Amis d'Amani"
3- Chorale "Harmonie"
4- récits de voyages à moto

Matthew Souther's Website
MIDI files and information about young composer Matthew Souther and his works, including his musical theatre productions.

Andrew's Noteworthy Exploits!
A collection of arrangements, transcriptions and some original stuff.

Personal Pages of Ertugrul iNANC
Personal and musical information about composer Ertugrul iNANÇ and his companions.
Free music in various formats including NWC, articles, classified links, performance schedule et cetera...

Lars Frandsen's NWC and MIDI site
NWC and MIDI files with e.g. Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Billy Joel and Huey Lewis.

 Tina's Classical Music MIDI's
MIDI files of works by Beethoven, Bizet, Chopin, Dvorak, Grieg, Joplin, Mahler, Smetana and Tchaikovsky. Last updated 21st April, 2003

The Music Page
Free liturgical music in nwc format, some in pdf. Various categories - Masses, Psalms, Hymns; also instrumental music. The composer is from Northern Ireland.

Compositions of Klaas Eldering
This site gives an overview of my recent work. Orchestral pieces and chamber music. Polyphonic combinations of traditional classical music and todays free formats. On this site you will find my compositions as well as links to other interesting composed music. The site will publish scores as to promote that music created out of the established circuits will actually be played.

Fragile Wings
Music, art, and web design by Josh Middelkamp. All songs were created in Noteworthy Composer, and are released in NWC, MIDI, and MP3 formats.

Peter J Fay's MIDI and NWC pages
Various nwc and midi music files for enjoyment

Christian Guitar
Learn to play traditional hymns finger-style

Works of Preiszner Miklos
It`s a very simple site. There is nothing, only lot of pieces from me. If you want to find - by accident, play - some music from an absolutely unknown composer, please visit me!

Songs of Praise
Songs of Praise for the Glory of the Lord.
That's this site!

The Music of John Hawkes
Details of the compositions of John Hawkes

La mia Musica - My Music
Le partiture prodotte in vari anni di attivita' in diversi cori. Partutures form my several-year choral experience.

Paulo Galvao -Old & New- compositions
Lute, vihuela, song, ensemble. New music for old instruments. NWC, midi, mp3 files.

The EagleWing Pages
A variety of music transcribed or written in Noteworthy format.

All Psalms Music: NWC, midi, mp3, pdf sheet music
The 150 Psalms set to music. Includes sheet music (pdf and nwc), midi, mp3, and pdf sheet music files. Directories and search engine.

Geoff's Music Pages
A collection of MIDI sequences of traditional and early music, all created using Noteworthy Composer.

Public domain choral sheet music, MIDI and MP3
This site contains public domain choral music material available for free download.

Fred and Sharon Nachbaur's Dogstar Music
Free downloads of original compositions and arrangments by Fred and Sharon Nachbaur, in NWC and midi formats, scores available in PDF form. Lots of other interesting music-related stuff. 


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