yams = sweet potatoes


a. growing yams at home


Growing sweet potatoes is easier than growing regular potatoes.

Store-boght sweet potatoes should be soaked overnight to remove the growth inhibitor that prevents them from sprouting. Organic sweet potatoes should not have the growth inhibitor.

Unlike regular potatoes, sweet potatoes have a thin-vining ground-hugging growth, (Pic3)



Pic1: sweet potato
Pic2: dark-leafed shoots growing
Pic3: bright-leafed shoots


Pic4: break off shoots, root in water
Pic5: plant in pots to strengthen
Pic6: plant in ground

b. boiled yams

See also boiled potatoes:


Pic7-9: boiling sweet potatoes

c. mashed yams

see mashed potatoes.



Pic10: skin-on boiled sweet potato
Pic11: peeled, sliced
Pic12: mashed

d. baked yams

Similar to baked potatoes.

internet pictures

Pic13-16: baked sweet potatoes


sweet potatoes on the internet

internet pictures

Pic5: boiling yellow sweet potatoes


internet pictures

Pic6: making mashed sweet potatoes