boiled potatoes

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Potatoes are a staple food in our Western world. Boiling is probably the most common method of preparing them. Sweet potatoes can be cooked in the same way.



Pic1: always keep peeled potatoes in water
Pic2: boil
Pic3: potato cooking broth


Pic4: boiled potatoes
Pic5: tossed potatoes
Pic6: served, boiled vs. deep-fried

egg drop potato broth soup

Pic7: reserve the potato water
Pic8: add lightly beaten egg(s)
Pic9: all done

new harvest potatoes

New harvest potatoes are harvested earlier and smaller. They have a buttery flavor that is quite different from older potatoes. I scrub them and boil them with the skin.

yellow potatoes

Pic10-12: whole yellow potatoes


halved yellow potatoes

Pic13-15: halved yellow potatoes

red potatoes

Pic16-18: new harvest red potatoes