mashed potatoes

various dates

A different presentation of this staple food. I don't make them like this very often. When I do, I usually mix in vegetables as well. See: stoemp.



Pic1: boiled potatoes, tossed
Pic2: mashing the potatoes
Pic3: smoother with milk and nutmeg


b. shepherd's pie

Shepherd's pie is a layered casserole. The top layer is made with potatoes, usually mashed potatoes.

See: shepherd's pie.


Pic4: before cooking
Pic5: after cooking
Pic6: served

Shepherd's pie with lettuce / spinach mix and mushrooms:

Pic22: meat &lettuce / spinach mix
Pic13: stewed mushrooms
Pic24: mashed potatoes and cheese on top


Pic25-27: I baked these @ 350 ºF for 60 minutes, then broiled for 10 more minutes to brown the crust.

Serve and enjoy

Pic28: three layers
Pic29: served
Pic30: refrigerate or freeze leftovers


Pic31+32: three layers
Pic33: sauced

c. pan-fried mashed potatoes

The purpose of pan-frying mashed potatoes is to create as much as possible of that delicious brown crust. Without that crust, they are just regular mashed potatoes.

To pan-fry mashed potatoes, make them as dry as possible beforehand.  It helps to refrigerate them uncovered for a few days. The wetter the potatoes are, the longer it takes to get browning started. 




Pic4: and this