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Dedicated PROJIMO Websites

bulletThis site

PROJIMO Google news-group:

Amigos de PROJIMO 
started by Brooke Howard and Eileen Wu, who volunteered at PROJIMO in November 2006.

Websites, articles about PROJIMO.

bullet Healthwrights
bullet Where have all the children gone? PROJIMO. 1992 article by Werner D.
bullet Meeting the needs of disabled village children. 1993

Project PROJIMO on the Healthwrights Website

Click on the picture to read more about PROJIMO's origin on Healthwrights.org
(this is a picture from that website)


bullet O&P.com Humanitarian database
bulletErrol Daniels, social Documentary photographer (for Healthwrights, Dec 2005)
bulletIndependent Living Institute 
bullet volunteer invitation
bullet article
bulletAbout the Spanish classes. 
bullet Healthwrights
bullet Disabilityworld.org
bulletDAA: Disabilty Awareness in Action.
bulletSponsoring organizations 
bulletProsthetiKa PROJIMO assistance Project.
bulletBarr Foundation: article
bulletAbout PROJIMO as a school Internship location:
bulletMany graduates from Mexican schools of higher education have performed all or part of their year of social service at PROJIMO.
bulletTechnish Instituut Delft (Nederland)
bullet Haverford College
bullet Ronald McNair Post-baccalaureate Achievement Program
"Community Based Disability Services-Project PROJIMO"   Keilah Jacques and Cecilia Thomas, Ph.D 
available online on September 15, 2006.

 Links to "appropriate technology" websites

bullet http://www.peoplepotential.org.uk/ Appropriate paper technology.

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