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The Children of PROJIMO: PROJIMO-Duranguito

The project in Ajoya that David Werner wrote about no longer exists.

When PROJIMO split up in 1999, some decided to relocate to Coyotitan.
Some decided to stay in Ajoya. However, the situation there continued to decline.
Barely 2 weeks before  the 2002 massacre, those people decided to abandon Ajoya completely and relocated to Duranguito.

Adapted and updated from:  the HealthWrights website; status late 2006

is located about 20 km. east of Coyotitan, near the coastal town of Dimas. 
In many ways (e.g. remoteness, limited resources, problems and struggles for independence) PROJIMO Duranguito is a closer match to the Ajoya project than PROJIMO Coyotitan.  

PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program

The PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program—which was until 2002 based in the village of Ajoya—has now moved to the small, peaceful village of Duranguito. The team, made up of disabled persons and local village youth, has built a permanent workshop on land donated by the community. 

As per December 2006, there was no separate housing as yet. The project workers live in the back rooms of the workshop. 

The goal of the PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program is to achieve ECONOMIC SELF-SUFFICIENCY for disabled and non-disabled village youth. While reaching this goal has taken longer than originally planned, impressive progress has been made.

The main activity of the PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program is the Children's Wheelchair Project. Thanks to contracts with DIF = the Mexico public health organization, PROJIMO Duranguito has now essentially become self-sufficient (apart from its building needs). 

The PROJIMO Skills Training and Work Program is also planning to start in Duranguito a Toy Making and Crafts shop, such as it had in Ajoya.

PROJIMO Duranguito (in contrast to PROJIMO Coyotitan) is very actively engaged in setting up new shops in other locations and training community-based craftspersons in different states. 
Gabriel Zepeda (formerly of PROJIMO Duranguito) has helped to train disabled workers and/or to set up wheelchair shops in various places, including Michoacan, Veracruz, Guatemala, and in Tepic, Nayarit; Nogales, SO.


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