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Children of PROJIMO
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The Children of PROJIMO.

The project in Ajoya that David Werner wrote about no longer exists.
But that should not be a reason for despair. 
Just like the people who create them, projects are born, mature, then decline and eventually die.
Ending and Death are part of the Circle of Life.

bulletMany of PROJIMO's patients and coworkers came to the project in desperate need of support and help. Some decided to stay for the long run, like Mari, Armando, Conchita and Rosita (who are now in the Coyotitan project.) Service in the project became their choice of life, and their life of choice. Most however eventually moved away, to go on with their lives somewhere else. Many of these people have started programs similar to PROJIMO in their home towns and villages. 
bulletDavid Werner's books have also created awareness of potential, and many programs were started based on the PROJIMO-model, even by people who never visited PROJIMO. Those programs do not usually get the same kind of attention that PROJIMO gets, but are nonetheless just as much worthy of recognition as PROJIMO. Because they are younger, and still struggling, many of those programs are more representative of the old PROJIMO ideals than PROJIMO itself.

These are the "Children of PROJIMO.
They are PROJIMO's legacy for the future. PROJIMO has stood model for a multitude of spin-off organizations throughout Mexico; and thanks to David Werner's books and work, throughout the entire world.  Project PROJIMO may no longer exist, but it has served its purpose. Its driving inspiration of  helping self by helping others and of creativity in the face of challenge lives on in PROJIMO's children! That is something any parent could rightfully be proud of. 

In the name of all the people who have benefited from a lifetime of service,

In the name of all the children (and grand-children ... ) of your very precious child,

THANK YOU, David Werner ! 

A few of the children of PROJIMO:

bullet<1991: MasValidos, in Culiacan  http://www.masvalidos.org/
bullet<1991: Proyecto Pitillal - Puerto Vallarte
bullet<1991: SERESAT - Mexico City
bullet<1991: Hermosillo, SO
bullet<1991: Campeche
bullet<1991: Tijuana, Baja California

1999: PROJIMO-Coyotitan


2002: PROJIMO-Duranguito



2007: Nogales, SO





bulletPROESA'S rehab program in Michoacan (now with a different name)
bulletALCADECO in Creel, Chihuahua http://www.laneta.apc.org/encuentrohombres/html/alcadeco.html
bulletPiña Palmera in Pochutla, Oaxaca   http://www.pinapalmera.org/index_en.htm
bulletand many, many more around the world!

Indesol 2004: “La Sociedad Civil Organizada: Una experiencia a seguir

This video introduces 22 community-based projects throughout Mexico.
Not all are disability or healthcare oriented. Some are similar to PROJIMO, and some not.
The projects are listed here in the same order as they appear on the DVD. Spanish language, no English subtitles.

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