sugar snap peas

I remember that my mother was always happy when the sugar snap peas became available in the store in spring time.

I planted 2 different varieties together in 2014 and harvested and cooked them mixed together. Since then,  I have to buy them in the store. They are a common ingredient in raw vegetable trays in grocery stores and 'oriental' frozen vegetable mixes.

Sugar peas and/or snap peas come in different varieties.  Try to find a stringless variety. It saves work when cleaning them.


a. raw sugar snap peas

no dates

Fresh sugar snap peas are crunchy sweet and break with a snap, hence the name.  The young pods taste very similar to sweet peas. Harvest the young pods when the seeds are barely starting to show. If you wait too long, the pods lose their sweetness and get chewy.


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 2 cups fresh sugar snap peas
Pic1: it looks like this


b. bratwurst with grapes, sugar snap peas and goat cheese


See: bratwurst with grapes, sugar snap peas and goat cheese for the recipe.


Pic2: bratwurst, halved grapes, sugar snap peas
Pic3: goat cheese
Pic4: served

c. Italian sausage with mixed vegetables

See: Italian sausage with mixed vegetables (broccoli, carrots, snap peas, mini corn, water chestnut)

2019-07-13: with mixed vegetables and potato flakes

Pic5-7: frozen vegetable mix with snap peas

d. peas & carrots with curried cream sauce 


Peas & carrots are a faithful companion to lamb. This recipe adds sugar snap peas and a taste of curry.

See: peas & carrots with curried cream sauce  for recipe details.


Pic8: peas, carrots, sugar snap peas, green beans
Pic9: served sauced with LoL steak

e. canning sugar snap peas



I did pressure-can sugar snap peas on 2014-06-03. br>
They turned brown and mushy, and lost all of the typical flavor that makes them so enjoyable when fresh.

Not something I would try again.
Freezing after blanching would probably be better.
Pic10: sugar snap peas just out of the pressere canner