Red chile sauce

various dates

Sp.  chile rojo, chile colorado

Make a roux (oil and corn flour,) add stock, add pureed red chile.
That is how the package recommends making red chile sauce.   

Always the rebel, I do it differently. I do not always use a roux, nor do I add starches at a later time. Instead, I add pureed red chile directly to a beef stew or the stew meat to the chile. That way the chile and meat juices mix into a flavorful sauce. See Chile Colorado.

This sauce already shows the basic characteristics of Mole Sauces. Those are based on different varieties of chiles, but also add a long list of other ingredients.

To make red chile sauce from rehydrated pods see: red enchilada sauce.


Pic1: chile colorado — 2019-05-15
Pic2: chile colorado — 2019-05-16



This is what you need for 2 cups:

Directions for dried chile pods:


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