scrambled eggs with nopales


These eggs are nearly cooked dry and are very likely to end up inside a tortilla/burrito. This is Marielos' favorite nopal recipe.

See also gorditas de nopales con huevos for a very similar recipe.


Pic1: nopal egg scramble
Pic2: served


This is what you need for 2 servings:

  • 3-4 eggs
  • 1 cup nopales,
    cooked or raw
  • S&P


  • Pre-cook the nopales as per recipe.
  • Stir-fry the nopales briefly in a hot pan.
  • Reduce heat. Simmer for 2 more minutes.
  • Pour the eggs over the nopales.

Directions, continued

For omelet:

  • Cover, let it cook without stirring. Flip or fold when nearly done.
  • Alternatively, cook the omelet first and use nopalitos as stuffing.

For dry scramble:

  • Stir the eggs around until the curds are small egg crumbles.
  • Serve with tortilla. Enjoy.

If you prefer to keep the nopales raw:

  • Cook the eggs separately until nearly dry.
  • Mix the raw nopales with the cooked eggs.

b. ranchero eggs with nopales


See also gorditas de nopales con huevos for a very similar recipe. The differences here are the tortillas  and the ranchero sauce.

See also huevos rancheros where I obtained the title name from. This is the same onions + tomato sauce, but it is mixed into the scramble this time.

1. pre-cooking nopalitos


Pic3: rinse nopalitos
Pic4: boil  nopalitos
Pic5: rinse nopalitos


Pic6-8: nopal egg scramble


Pic9-11: with ranchero sauce


Pic12-14: with tortillas on the side

B. variations on a theme

All 9 pictures in this section were borrowed from the internet.

1. omelet / scramble

Pic11: lots of eggs
Pic12: lots of nopales
Pic13: on soft tacos with tomato

2. sunny eyes

Pic14: egg served over a whole nopal
Pic15: breakfast eggs
Pic16: on soft tacos

3. baked/poached eggs

Pic17: in tomato sauce = huevos ahogados
Pic18: in red chile sauce
Pic19: served as soup