Nopales with eggs

Nopales and eggs are an immensely popular combination in the Mexican kitchen.

This is Marielos' favorite way of cooking nopales, in scrambled eggs.  Pre-cook the nopales, mix with eggs and beat for omelet, or fry the nopales and break egg over them for sunny eyes.

There are of course the obligatory tortillas, although the ones here are gorditas = 'little fat ones.'

A. gorditas de nopales con huevos

= Sp. 'little fat ones' with cactus paddles and eggs

Gorditas are small tortillas that are made slightly thicker than regular tortillas. When they are heated, they fluff up and can be cut open on one side to create a pocket that can be filled with food.

See also scrambled eggs with nopales for a very similar recipe.


This is what you need for 3-4 servings:

  • 1 lb. fresh nopalitos
  • 4 eggs
  • S&P
  • 4 gorditas


  • condiments of your choice
    • hot peppers or hot sauce
    • salsas
    • guacamole
    • ...
Pic1: gorditas de nopales con huevos



1. pre-cooking nopalitos


Pic2: rinse nopalitos
Pic3: boil  nopalitos
Pic4: rinse nopalitos


2. nopalitos scramble

Pic5: fry nopalitos
Pic6: scrambled eggs
Pic7: all done


3. gorditas

Pic8: cut one side
Pic9: open the pocket
Pic10: fill 'r up

B. variations on a theme

All 9 pictures in this section were borrowed from the internet.

1. omelet / scramble

Pic11: lots of eggs
Pic12: lots of nopales
Pic13: on soft tacos with tomato

2. sunny eyes

Pic14: egg served over a whole nopal
Pic15: breakfast eggs
Pic16: on soft tacos

3. baked/poached eggs

Pic17: in tomato sauce = huevos ahogados
Pic18: in red chile sauce
Pic19: served as soup

C. nopal egg scramble in pear creampudding


This one is entirely mine. You won't find it anywhere else.
This should have some salt instead of sweetener.


Pic20: pear creampudding
Pic21: nopal egg scramble
Pic22: nopal egg scramble in pear creampudding