Spanish-fried eggs

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All pictures on this page were borrowed from the internet.

People near the Mediterranean use quite a lot more oil than we’re used to in the US of A. The same method is used in Mexico. The eggs are cooked in about ½” of hot oil. Because the oil is a lot hotter than normal pan-frying, the egg whites are fried very crisply. (Pic2) The method is not as wasteful as may seem. The oil can be recuperated and reused many times.  

Marielos likes to cook her sunny eggs that way. It gives them a wonderfully crisp edge. I've seen her tia in Mazatlan cook eggs the same way, each egg separately, never more than one at a time even when there are 10 people at the table.


Pic1: Spanish-frying an egg
Pic2: Spanish-fried egg with beautifully crisp edges



This is what you need per serving:



Pic3: fry in hot oil
Pic4: baste
Pic5: almost done

B. huevos rancheros

= Sp. eggs from the farm

These should be—but not always are—Spanish-fried eggs, served with a tomato sauce with onions and hot peppers. Don't just pour salsa from a jar on them! 

Huevos Rancheros are often served with crumbled queso fresco. If there are tortillas, they should be served on the side.  


Pic6-8: huevos rancheros

C. huevos a caballo

= Sp. eggs on a horse.

These are huevos rancheros served on top of a tortilla.
The rest is the same.


Pic9-11: huevos a caballo