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CMME database

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Ave Maria in the CMME database.

The CMME Project is administered by:
Theodor Dumitrescu
Utrecht University
Department of Media and Culture Studies
Muntstraat 2a
3512 EV Utrecht
CMME website
CMME contact page

These are documents in mensural notation.  CMME  "tranlates' these scores into modern notation to make them accessible to the contemporary public.


The CMME Project is a scholarly initiative to offer free online access to new, high-quality early music scores produced by today's leading experts. Based at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, the project represents a collaborative development effort of specialists in musicology, information science, and music retrieval. The major purpose of the enterprise is to produce and maintain an online corpus of electronic editions, in addition to software tools making them accessible to students, scholars, performers, and interested amateurs. Here, the brilliant polyphonic styles known to the modern world through the works of such masters as Dufay, Josquin, Machaut, Palestrina, and Tallis can come to life again in the central medium of the 21st century. 

The CMME Project is a research project funded in the past by organizations in France and the Netherlands, and currently housed at Utrecht University.

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