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Posted on YouTube:  The entire game in video - 33 videos by Spenibus


 Nutripils factory ending, IRIS, and
α.Sect. Und. Quarters Triangle key door
Alpha Sections Warehouse: Barred door
Alpha Sections Warehouse: Barred door
Mammago garage
Looter's cavern #1
Vorax Lair


ending Vorax Lair
Looter's cavern #2
α.Sect. Und. Quarters  Square   key door
Looter's cavern #3
Looter's cavern #4
Race #1
Race #2
Race #3
Race #4 + on to slaughterhouses

visit IRIS after slaughterhouses
α.Sect. Headquarters Star key door
α.Sect. Headquarters Star key door
lighthouse destroyed
volcano treasure
return from Volcano; Akuda Bar puck game pearl #1; buy star drive; Ming Tzu pearl; Akuda Bar puck game pearl #2    

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G-2b, playing the fast game. 

BGAE music: 2004 - UBISoft Montreal - Christophe Heral
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